DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread



I’ve stopped everything. He even stopped the soft tissue work. 2-3 weeks of absolutely not one thing at all, and, if I haven’t made huge progress, it’s off for some scans.

I’m experiencing mood swings. I walked today out of desperation, and I probably shouldn’t have.


That makes me sad.



And I don’t want to do that, so stop it. :slight_smile:

The sliver of good news, and it is a sliver, is that I did notice the tiniest bit of relief in my hip today. It was tiny, but it was there. This is the third time this has happened with my hips… where I’ve run until I literally couldn’t walk. The first two times I was able to switch back over to jumping and just jump through the pain. It took a couple of weeks, but the pain slowly subsided. This time, it just isn’t following the same course. But I haven’t jumped now in 3 days… and then this, the slightest, tiniest bit of relief. Maybe it’s not a coincidence. Kevin says I’ll be running again. He didn’t sound unsure. So I’m trying very hard to be a good listener.


I have a bad shoulder and elbow. They’re both on the right side. I’ve done a couple of cortisone shots in the shoulder, and in my elbow I have a pinched nerve. My right wrist is bad as well. I can feel them with the swimming, so my mom is coming with me and giving me feedback as I go. She’s usually swimming, and I’m usually doing something else, but we’ve both been bumped from our desired activities. My goggles leave huge purple circles around my eyes for like 8 hours, and she thinks it’s a riot. So the swimming is far from perfect, but it’s what I’ve got right now. And what she’s got.

She is an excellent swimmer and has been swimming for 40 years, so she is constantly critiquing my stroke. And, yes, I do alternate breathing… which means I swallow water equally on both sides. :smiley:


So much for good listening. I danced. Merengue, salsa, samba. Even a little punta. It was a festive 40 minutes, and I refuse to allow myself regrets.

Here’s to not having any urge to feel them: :crossed_fingers:


Danced again today. 45 minutes. My hip feels fine tonight.

I see Kevin tomorrow and will confess, but hopefully this means I’m over the hump for real. Hopefully this will mean the start of some kind of something or other. I’m that open.


I hope you have a good appointment! Please let us know what you find out.

I hope he gets you back to work too.


Had a good appointment, thank you. Basically, my hip is on the right track, but he doesn’t want me to do a thing. Not even dance… even just a little bit. :roll_eyes: He believes I managed a tear, and he believes I really am on the brink of doing some permanent damage. He says it’s on par with something that could require surgical repair. He’s not suggesting anything like that, but he’s letting me know where he thinks I stand. So that sucks. What kills me is the little tiny bit of dancing didn’t actually make things worse, but I know better than to move forward on such weak reasoning.

Anyway. I’ll swim today. With buoys. :smiley:

3 or 4 more weeks is what he sees. No irritation of it whatsoever, including no soft tissue work. As far as other treatments go, he says the following: Ibuprofen is just not helpful with tendon injuries—alleviates the pain up front but slows the healing in the long run, therapy is a fairly reliable treatment, surgery is not ideal for a number of reasons, and cortisone shots are ALSO not ideal. In this case, with the cortisone, he says they inject the steroid as well as an anesthetic, so it provides some relief for a period (he says people get the most relief after about 3-4 weeks in), but they end up worse off than when they started. As far as what the pain specialist had me scheduled for, which was some other kind of injection, all Kevin had to say was, “based on WHAT?” Kicking that doctor to the curb…

That’s it. Losing my mind. The good news is we have a couple of weeks to work on my shoulder/elbow/wrist, and that’s about 3 years overdue.


4 more weeks. And no dancing for real this time. I set myself back a bit. Kevin wasn’t mad or irritated or whatever else I thought he would be, but he did dish out a lecture. Only hurting myself, only making it a harder recovery… and on and on. I know he’s right, and I tried explaining how badly I need movement, but there was no point. I get it. It doesn’t matter how much I need it, it still doesn’t stand where I am.

He went over it again and said he thinks I’ve probably had a minor tear there and that I just really did it in this time. He recommends, still, rest, swimming with buoys, and doing some kind of upper body stuff just as a temporary outlet. I worry a little bit about pouring all of this nervous energy into my upper body… and becoming Popeye. :smiley:

Oh well. Not great news, but it was also nothing I didn’t know was coming.

So I’ll find an orthopedist then? As a second opinion?? For tests? I’m not sure what to do at this point. Beyond crying. Maybe a little pity party is in line…





Cry if it helps.

No, that’s a wasted emotion.

Get angry, and channel that into your rehab. Find peace and use it to help make the time pass.

But not pity. If you have pity, you will be more likely to give up.

Woe is me, I can’t do anything to make this better, I should give up.

Feeling sorry does not motivate you to get better.

Listen to me now. You do not quit. Ever.

Am I being hard on you? You better believe it. I didn’t start working with you because you are a dainty delicate flower. I picked you because you are tough, and you are a fighter.


I thought I picked you. :thinking:

Seriously, thank you. I needed to hear that, and I’m thankful you care enough to respond. I was just curling up with my chocolate chips… but I could put them away. :neutral_face:

For the record, I wasn’t quitting exercising. I was just quitting listening, being reasonable, and being smart. I’m at “eff it”, but my hip can’t take the abuse that comes with that thinking. So thank you for talking me down.

I’ll go to the pool tomorrow. 4 weeks. You’re right. Then I’ll go buff up my upper body. :muscle::face_with_raised_eyebrow::selfie:

Thank you, Eric. :relieved:


And an orthopedist too.


Yes, and an orthopedist, too.


Dearest Eric,

I’m up today and on my way to the pool. Turns out I didn’t need to cry… and certainly didn’t need any pity party.

Thank you for the pep talk. Life’s too short for sob stories.

Unfortunately, you’ll be hearing about my swimming for the next couple of weeks, and that is neither inspiring nor exciting… in fact, it’s just no @daisymae, but I’m going to pretend like I am while I’m in the water. :smiley:

I’m starting back on some core exercises, too. Just a few light ones— absolutely nothing that is going to sabotage this refreshed effort.

I’m in danger of going backwards only when all progress stops, and there are too many ways to achieve progress for that to be the case.

Smell ya later.


Don’t forget using a rowing machine. It is a very repetitive leg motion (similar to standing straight up) and therefore I think unlikely to cause any hip pain. Check with a doctor about what they think. If they OK swimming, they will probably OK rowing. Swimming is great, but if it is hard to get to the pool or becomes too much of a production, then rowing might be a good alternative. Swimming and rowing are both full body exercises and may be better for you anyway since they can be done year-round and not just when the weather is nice.


I see the doctor again tomorrow, jag1… I’ll be sure to ask. I did go for my swim today, and it was great. I really should stop complaining all of the time and just dive in. :smiley:

So corny.

I’ll ask the doc tomorrow to see about rowing. I know I could probably get into that, too.


Yesterday I ended up doing 25 up and down laps… whatever that is in pool distance. Today my goal is to do more. I don’t know much about swimming workouts, but when all else fails “more” seems reasonable.

My BG going in yesterday was a 200 (Auto Mode), and when I got out it was a 185 (Auto Mode vs swimming). A couple of hours later, a 400 (Auto Mode). So in that department, my goal is just to do better.

More better today. That’s my overall goal. More better.


Deep breath, Nicky! Let it out! Repeat x 5!

New strategy: What can I do differently this session??


Do you remember this topic coming up during our chat yesterday?

Or is it because you are just doing auto-mode completely for a little longer?


Thank you for reminding me. :two_hearts: I forget to do this a lot.

I was fired up for “more better”, but differently is really even better. In a good way.

Yeah… differently… I should probably actually think about that. :relieved: