DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


When is your appointment with the running clinic at UVA?


Forgot about that… I think the 23rd??

Thanks for reminding me. I will go check. :grin:


September 26th… I should probably go ahead and add that to my calendar. :grin:

What do you think about it?? I should still go?

Kevin keeps repeating the same line…that it’s muscle and tendon. He’s even doing soft tissue work, and it’s very painful. He says he’s barely touching. He then does another evaluation with weight bearing stuff and extension stuff and repeats the same. The jumping does not hurt at ALL, and there’s no more pain after than before, but he is not sure what else to do. So we’re at my stopping the jumping for 2 weeks, and if I continue to not make progress, he’s sending me for new tests.

So now, after you’ve answered any or all of whatever I just said, how am I not going to gain 10 lbs? I’ve already gotten in a healthy 4 or so… I usually balance this with exercise. :woman_facepalming:


Yes, you should still go.

Have you talked to a doctor about doing a cortisone shot? I think it would be worth seeing someone about it.

Make an appointment with an orthopedist and talk about the pain.

But if you do this, please let me know, I need to tell you something before you go.

It’s okay, you can lose it again.

In the meantime, while you are not able to exercise, just try to cut back on your calories a bit.


Running is hard on anyone’s body, so you should of course use a pool if you have one available. If you don’t, try rowing. Almost every health club has rowing machines, and they are almost always empty so the lines are short. Besides swimming, it is the best low-impact, very high calorie burn, exercise I know of. I’ve been using a rowing machine since I rowed crew in college. I still do it, and I have been able to do it even when I have been injured from running (plantar fasciitis).


I try to avoid gyms like the plague, but with running, dancing, jumping, walking, and basketball out, it looks like I’m going to the gym. I haven’t done one of those machines in 20 years. But I can get into anything. :smiley: Thank you for the idea. I’ll look forward to trying it out!


Pain specialist guy had recommended a hip shot. He said it was not a steroid. He didn’t have time to tell me what it WAS. I canceled the appointment and decided not to go back to him. I have another ortho I could make an appointment to see. I’ll call tomorrow.

I don’t shine in this department, but I’ll see what I can do. :grimacing:

Well, maybe auto will take care of it. I lost almost 25 pounds my first trip in. It’s what people do as they wait for their blood sugar to drop enough in order to eat. :smiley:


And I’m swimming today. So the plan is just to disconnect and go. I have zero plan for my blood sugar, but I’ll probably just do my old “pump it up” trick. It won’t hurt me for a day, and I really have to get in the water… or I’ll talk about it until I croak.


I swam yesterday. 1000 something. Freestyle and breast stroke, and my hip is totally blown today. I’m going back today because I will lose my mind if I don’t get some kind of movement, but I’ll use buoys. I should’ve done that yesterday, but I’m nothing if not completely hardheaded and lacking in common sense.


I swam today. A 1200 (meter or yard or feet, but not mile) swim. I did it with pool boys, and my hip feels great.

I did drink half of the pool because I haven’t quite sorted out the breathing, but I didn’t die or injure anything new. There’s light again. :star_struck:


And swimming is great, @daisymae. There really is something special in it. :two_hearts::two_hearts:



Lucky pool boys…



Darn…@Eric beat me to it. Not that this thread wasn’t always interesting, but it just got a lot MORE interesting if pool boys kept your hips from hurting!!




:rofl: Wow…

Okay. :woman_facepalming:


When they went to work this morning, they were pool boys. But by the time Nicky was finished with them, they were indeed pool men.


I was going to go back and edit, but that’s the kind of tall tale I can get behind. :grin:




Glad you had fun with the boys :wink:

Swimming is also my favorite form of exercise. I tend to carry a lot of tension in my back/shoulders/neck, and swimming helps with this tremendously. I think it’s because it strengthens my back muscles.

I swam on a team when I was younger, but when I started swimming again a couple of years back, I had to relearn some things. One of my shoulders started to hurt after awhile, so I found a lot of videos online that showed the right way to do things. There are also sites that give tips on how to do your stroke properly. I think alternating the side I breathe on helped more than anything else with my shoulder issue. I’m sure a trainer would also help a lot if you wanted to pay the money for one.


How is core work going? Are you still doing that or did Kevin want you to completely stop?