DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread




That calls for some action with a Sharpie. Black would cover, I don’t know about blue…


You read my mind. :grin:


Okay. Did more physical therapy today. Heavy duty stuff. Don’t know if it’s going to help my hips, but I’m gonna be ready for a She-Ra muscle woman competition when it’s done, and that’s cool, too. Tomorrow, finally, I have the first nerve block. Then double physical therapy on Friday and then sleep all weekend. :grin: I’ve been jumping on the trampoline for about 45 minutes a day, and that’s about it.

That’s my update. I’ve just had a big crash that ended in my eating so many things that if I can crawl up the stairs and onto the floor in front of my bed, I’ll call it close enough and stay until tomorrow. I hate it when I know I shouldn’t ignore the fact I’m going low but then ignore the fact I’m going low anyway. 8600 calories… I think that’s what I did.


Are you walking with no pain? Any pain on stairs, either up or down? Any pain on the core work?

With the trampoline, there is not much hip extension, abduction or rotation, and only a small amount of flexion. So that sounds mostly safe for your hips.

It’s good that you are doing all of that stuff.


Almost no pain. Very little. And nothing with the core work except for some little twinges when standing on my right.


Now I’m 24 hours out of my appointment with my sports med guy, and the last of what he said has all but drained from my memory. I should’ve done this last night because it was a lot of good information, and now it’s going to be really watered down…

I wanted to ask you how to proceed because my guy, Kevin, gave me a very good explanation of what he thought was happening with hip. He believes this is muscle, and it has to do with compression and load… and… it all made sense yesterday. Can’t remember it now, but it made sense yesterday. In a nutshell, he wants to start with exercises that are for increasing load capacity but none that are using weight. He said we’d work up to those. He also explained why the trampoline is fine… that because I jump with weight evenly distributed, it doesn’t put any additional load on the right… I don’t think he said it like this, but kind of. Running, walking, and dancing are not okay right now.

I started this message 2 hours ago, and I knew what I was sitting down for, and now I’m not doing a good job. The MAIN thing from yesterday was that Kevin did two exercises, lunges and dead lift things, to show me what I was NOT to do right now. Under any circumstances. They happened to be two exercises the other PT guy had me doing this week— with 50 lbs. So now I’m being given conflicting advice. There it is. That was my point. :smiley: What should I do at this point? I”m supposed to see them both Tuesday…


I would give them both one more meeting and see if you can decipher which one is more correct.

Which of those two do you trust more?

Do you trust me?


Are you serious? I have removed my pump, picked up physical therapy, been to the cardiologist, ordered a pink garmin… how ever can I prove my trust?? I may one day look back at all of this and wonder WHY I did, but for now, I just do. :thinking:

You. And in second place is Kevin, my long time doctor who also is a runner, knows my background, and sometimes thinks for a while before answering a question…

Should I tell them about each other and just call out the conflicting information? Or just quietly gather information for your later consideration and judgment? :grin:


No, I wasn’t doubting your trust at all. I know you trust me! And I appreciate it.

It was just a point to get you to think about it. Just want to provoke your brain on it a little bit, okay?

Why do you trust me? You obviously have good instincts. :grinning: Apply the same criteria to these two guys. You need to have faith in the one you pick, and know he is doing the right things for you.

You must pick the guy you trust, and then faithfully execute his program.

I don’t know them, so this is tough for me to answer. But the physical therapist who has been helping you for a while…has he helped you? If you go back to him, what will be different? I don’t know the whole history, but has he been working on this hip issue for a while already? Or did you go to him for other stuff?

It’s not really something I can answer. But just based on the picture I see…you had a long-time physical therapist, and you still went to see a different guy at PT Solutions. That does not speak much of your faith in the long-term guy, does it?

But you have to figure out which one is making the most sense.

And just because they are telling you to do different things, doesn’t mean one of them is wrong. It could be different approaches, different priorities, all kinds of different stuff.


Oh, good. I thought you were just being a little needy and trying to fish for a compliment… I did my best to give you one. :grin:

[quote=“Eric, post:390, topic:4398”]I don’t know the whole history, but has he been working on this hip issue for a while already? Or did you go to him for other stuff?

I don’t think you’re actually ASKING for the story, but I’ll tell you anyway… I saw him for bilateral carpal tunnel. I had severe on one side and moderate-severe on the other. I had had it since I was about 17 years old and was up for surgery. I decided I would give him a shot first. I went to him 2-3 times a week, and my symptoms stopped 100%. This is true… there was no cinnamon or apple cider vinegar. I went for a year, had my second child, and then couldn’t get out to see him anymore. All the pain and problems came back, and I ended up having the surgeries. He worked on my hands and on my neck after brain surgery… and knees… then I saw him 2 or 3 times about my hips 6 months ago, he put me on one minute intervals, and then I didn’t go back. :grin: I’m writing this on a phone, and it’s so long I’m dying… my point is that he has done great things, he knows about all of my history, and, in all fairness, I started seeing him for my hips, started phase 1 of the recovery, and then just bailed.

I was willing to go to both for a while until it sounded like maybe one was doing the exact opposite of what the other wanted me doing… which can start to really mess stuff up.

My thumbs hurt. This was long. I will go to both Tuesday, see what they have to say, and then come back to the one I trust the most. :grin:


Yeah, the whole thing is just for you to think through it and decide. And I really wanted to get you to process it all.

The old guy knows more about your history, so I can understand why he’d want to go slower with no weights.

It sounds to me like you trust the old guy more. Is that right?

Either case, you have to stick with it. How many times does the old guy want you doing the work? If he says only 2 times a week, and only when you see him, I would not go with that. At all.

Peace and love.


Yes, I think so. Yes.

I’m supposed to be doing the exercises everyday. Right now I’m seeing him once a week, but that’s because I told him I couldn’t come that often. But the kids are in school now, and I could really go twice a week.

Who are you, and what did you do with Eric?!


If you only had any idea about the past 10 days…


Here are a few more core exercises that would be good after you have gotten a little better. Don’t get into them right now, but this is a good link for later.

You can ignore the last 2, because I have given them to you already, so they would be repeats of stuff you already have.

But the first two would be good to add to your repertoire.


Today’s the day. I’m out and about (of my pajamas) and even got on the treadmill for a very humbling one mile walk.

I’m going to get on some core stuff today. Things are looking up AGAIN. Since the last time they were looking up. :smiley:


Okay. So I think I’ve settled into a nice recovery plan… only a flippin month later. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: But it looks promising—I think.

I’m sticking with just my old sports med guy for now. It was getting a little complicated, and I don’t think I’m ready for the full gym stuff. My hip still hurts. It’s not bad, but it’s not gone either. So saw my guy today, and he has me up to three exercises to do at home every day until I see him again Thursday. I’m going to bump up visits and try to make it 2-3X a week.

He says it’s muscle. Maybe tendon. Hard to tell, but it also doesn’t really need to be pinned down at this point. Doing core exercises and exercises to “increase load capacity” without leading to further compression. :star_struck: I’m not SURE that’s what he said, but I really do think so. He is not surprised about the continuing pain and has given me a few things to do including to sleep with a pillow between my legs. That’s free. I’ll start tonight. He also says we don’t have to wait until the pain STOPS to start the running— it just has to be very gradual. He’d like to get me out for a run sometime in the next two or three weeks.

I’ll take it.

I’m jumping on my trampoline in the meantime and doing my exercises at home. Sorting out my Levemir. Life is good. :two_hearts:


How are you doing with core this week?

How many times per day did he tell you to do them? And how many days per week?

Have you hit the target for your core work?


So today my PT guy told me he thinks I have BOTH issues—muscle and tendon. My hip has been giving me a hard time for the last 3 days, and I don’t know why. He has me up to 3 exercises a day, 2 visits a week, and says, with the lack of progress as of late, that we might be looking at 3 or 4 months. He is almost ready to have me give up my jumping. :woman_facepalming: But all is not lost, and we’re not there yet. I did have to confess I’ve been dancing around the house a little lately, and that may have been the problem. Don’t want to think about that. That’s frustrating.

Anyway, doing the core stuff, and he still thinks we’ll be able to start some running sooner than later. He did throw in that I was a diabetic and might be dealing with a little slow healing blues.


Lost my jumping today. Two weeks. My guy says with the lack of progress over the last 3 weeks, it’s time to give it up.

Well… yes, we are. So that’s a shame. Can’t help but feel like I’m sinking backwards into the “no physical activity” oblivion.

Tomorrow I’m going to make myself go to the pool. It’s time. :grimacing: