DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Yeah, it makes sense. You want pain for the meeting.

I think you should try small runs a few times a week. If you are feeling pain, you don’t need to continue. If there is no pain, run again the next day and see if it comes back. You really only need pain the day of the meeting, so get to a point where you can see how much of a run leads to pain. You have a few weeks to try it. Just small runs as a check every few days.

I am pretty sure all I said was that I needed to talk to you about it instead of trying to respond in a post.

Lemme check…

Yep, that’s what I said :arrow_down:.


It was a joke. I knew what a ridiculous thing it was to begin with… and an even more ridiculous plan. Only joking with you…it kills me to not have body language available. More smiley faces it is. :grin:


Putting some quick info in here since I saw both the sports medicine guy AND physical therapist yesterday… and, of course, with the exception of some light limping, was able to get in and out effortlessly—- leaving me to try to convince them I was ever in pain in the first place. Because of course. But I said this was going to be quick info, and I’m off to a rocky start…

Sport med guy says he doesn’t think this is from my back, Nicky, what is wrong with you, and why do you continue to push through pain, I never said you couldn’t run, but this is bad, and we need to let you heal, strengthen, and build. He gave me two exercises to do 3 reps of two twice a day. Wants to start small… and by yesterday evening, I had already forgotten one. He’d like to see me once a week and said I can certainly just do the work at home between meetings. He also did his exam and said he doesn’t think it has to do with any kind of stress fractures and could absolutely have been caused by running. Through pain. He has known me for 8 years and knows a little more about my history and personality flaws than guy number 2.

Guy number 2, PT guy, takes information for first 20 minutes, gives exam, and ALSO says he doesn’t think this is from my back. Sports med guy never said what he thought it WAS exactly, and PT guy seemed to think it was ALL a possibility… said he could tell my IT band (is that right?) was affected because there was pain when he would make it slide back and forth, could be hip pointers, AND that the bursa was definitely a possibility. Inflammation was a thing, and he thought maybe I just wasn’t letting it heal before getting back to activity. He wants to see me 3 times a week, no take home exercises, and his plan includes weight work like dead lifts and such.

Both agree no running right now. Both agree no race on the 22nd. Both agree they’re going to get me to where I need to be so that I can do all the races my little heart desires. And that jumping is possibly fine right now.

I didn’t tell them about each other… not really sure why not :thinking:… and I didn’t mention the running clinic in late September… not sure why not :thinking:… but clinic guy wants me to get back to running in a couple of weeks. So I’m going to have to be telling someone something soon, and really sooner than that because, if not, I might be sabotaging their efforts inadvertently. Which is a thing I do, unfortunately.

I have 4 appointments scheduled for next week. I’m walking (sports med guy isn’t sure i should be) today and jumping. PT guy didn’t give me any restrictions beyond no running…

Oh, sports med guy wants me to get into the pool… i’m actually a very good swimmer, and he just doesn’t understand why I haven’t tapped into that yet. That’s a complicated mess. @daisymae, I think I’m coming your way…


swimming is wonderful for all parts of your body, mind and spirit. it doesnt put tension on anything, it just strengthens your muscles. i love it b/c it gets me into a meditative state of mind and i find that very relaxing. i listen to my breaths, in and out, in and out, in and out.

i wouldnt say i am a very good swimmer by any stretch, but i do enjoy myself, and swimming for almost 2 hours a day cant do anything but benefit me. its been a real challenge to work out a formula with my pump (and now my Dexcom) to be able to stay as flat as possible and to not spike or crash.( both have happened in the past year, but obviously, i am still breathing, so i am doing well :wink:)

i highly recommend it. good luck with your injuries. i hope you heal ASAP!!!


My mom reminds me every single day…

Every single day…

This, too,

And she’s coming for me now. Which I’m mostly happy about except I still have no idea how to handle the pump. I have a waterproof bag that I’m going to strap on for today, but I’d love to not have to spend my entire swim worrying about this. Is there a simple starter approach… just a simple strategy to start with if I would like to disconnect and get in for a 30 minute run? Or, I guess… since I know how to disconnect my pump… do you have any kind of general advice or anything you’ve learned over the last year that might be good to keep in mind going in?

And how are you feeling today? I should’ve started with that. Sorry. :confused:


are you going for a swim or a run? i am confused?


Quick check on you.

  • Did you do exercises today that were prescribed by your PT guys?
  • If not, was there anything standing in your way that prevented you from doing PT exercises today?
  • If there was something standing in your way, what was it and what steps did you take to get past the blockades?


Thanks for checking on me. :relaxed:

I went to my first PT today with Nathan… I did all of the work there, and it was hard work. There were some things that hurt very badly, but he pretty much just had me keep at it until I got through the set. Speaking of crashes… I had no idea this was going to be actual work, and I crashed about…wouldn’t you know… 15 minutes in. I go back Wednesday, and I’ll at least decrease my basal going in.

So to answer all of your questions, yes, I did the exercises, and I was told only to do them there and nothing at home. I have PT Wednesday, a nerve block on Thursday, and PT AND sports medicine guy on Friday.

I was able to jump for about 45 minutes today and am managing to get a good workout that way. So at least there’s that. And funny story… I was walking down a dark hallway tonight responding to something on FUD when I tripped on a pile of pants I had left out in the hallway. Really did a number on my hip. So funny but not really funny. The way I see it though is that I’m not running anyway, so you can’t miss days that are already off.


Is it one of those things where they don’t want you to get better too soon? Maybe they don’t think you can do them correctly. But it sounds suspicious. A dentist would never tell you “only floss in my office!”


I hadn’t thought about that. I asked him if there were exercises to do at home, and he said not yet. He said once we were doing the same exercises over and over, and they were becoming almost boring, then he’d have me pick those up at home. I didn’t question anything… which is not usual for me, but my BG was a 40-ish, and I was beginning to sweat profusely. :smiley:


And I don’t think that was the case… He commented a couple of times on how well and how quickly I picked the exercises up and how I wasn’t a “motor moron”, as they say in the business. :thinking:


How many times per week are you supposed to go back and do them?

There is not much that is fixed by once-per-week.

If you were paying for your kid to go to piano lessons, would he only play the music once-per-week at his lesson?


This was your recommendation… This was Nathan, young by the book guy with access to all of the equipment. I see him 3 times a week, and all of the work is done there. My guy, Kevin, is the sports medicine guy who is older and is a runner himself. He’s the one who wanted to see me once a week and have me do the exercises at home… so when you put it all together, it’s all PT all the time. :smiley:


Ok, so the exercises that require equipment you only do there, but 3x per week, and the other ones you can do at home?

That sounds good. As long as you are working a sufficient amount, but not over-working the same muscles.

Did they tell you what was causing your pain?


Yes, right now I’m combining two different places… Nathan and Kevin… Right?? I thought you were in charge here… :wink:

But seriously. I thought you were in charge here… should I still be going to both? One has me doing exercises in-session and the other has me doing them at home. There hasn’t been overlap yet, BUT I’ve only been for one session—so there couldn’t have been. :smiley:

I don’t know if I overworked something or if I hurt myself tripping—or both—but my right hip is WRECKED right now. It’s back to a week ago. I’m taking ibuprofen tonight (just so i can sleep) and hoping tomorrow is better.

My guy, Kevin, didn’t say what it was. He said he didn’t think it was my back and didn’t think it was stress fractures. Nathan said it was IT band, bursitis, inflammation, and hip pointers… He didn’t really, but he kind of did. He talks about all of those things at present like they’re all the problem. So I’m not sure what he’s thinking.


Since I have not been to any of your PT sessions, I can’t really be in charge. I am trying to piece it all together from your accounts of what they are saying.

I think it is reasonable that you are working different areas of your body. If an area is not hurt, doing exercises for it won’t hurt it. It’s fine. No negatives there, other than time spent on the exercises.

So a big broad approach is good for now.

Eventually though, it will be good to narrow it down and figure out what the problem areas are, and how to strengthen them, and focus on them.

You are good to go for now. Keep it up, pursue it aggressively.

I think that tripping was probably more to blame for your pain than the PT stuff.


Well then I’ll continue on…

Do you have any guesses on how long before I get to start running a little again?? I know you don’t know, and I’m not trying to pin you down… just wondering…


Your PT guys will say 6 weeks. I say 4.

You could run tomorrow if you want, but I mean 4 weeks with reasonable comfort.


Then I’ll get my mind wrapped around 4. That’ll blow by.:slightly_smiling_face:


All dressed up with no place to go.


And in pink… because after all that, it was the only one available in my size. :roll_eyes: