DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Which brings me to the main reason I don’t like MRIs… the disconnecting from my pump! Do I have to take off a pod?!

I just realized how easy this will be going forward with my new injection skills… :thinking:


My guess is yes based on the fact that it’s metal and they’re nuts about any metal. I, personally, would choose to remove my own Pod, rather than have the MRI machine rip it off of my body. :smile:

But if you have the chance to schedule your MRI you should be able to plan on having a spare and insulin that you could deploy post-procedure. (Let’s be real, I know you have a whole supply of pods with you at all times, in case you run across an entire classroom of children HIDING IN YOUR CLOSET who might possibly have diabetes and need a pod all at the same time or something. :rofl:)


Yes, and more concerning, will it rip through my body? Because that’s a little more of a concern than it jacking the pod up a bit. :grin:

I once read about some MRI injuries— If I could unread them, I would. So if there’s something to man-sprain in there, have at it.


Or man-splain. Whichever.


Yeah, there is some ferrous metal inside the pod, so they will most likely make you take it off, no matter where it is.


@TravelingOn, hi. :hugs:

Then we are in agreement. That’s all I needed to hear. I’d like to avoid something ripping through my body.

You laugh, but you’ve seen my emergency bag. I can fit the pods AND the children. See? I never thought about adding a pod to my emergency bag… and I’ve heard you all talking about getting insulin out of your pod, but I don’t understand that either. I suppose I should go read again…

I’ll definitely try to schedule it around a pod change. It sounds easier that way. Thank you for the ideas!


Ha! I redeem myself. After the snack debacle. Just trying to be more right for you my friend. Toss one in that emergency bag. And the car - we left one in the glove box over summer and it worked fine.

Early on in podding, EH went to a conference about a mile from his hotel and the pod broke. He had a pen and pen needles with him, but it was a PITA because no basal. I mean, he was fine…but now he carries a spare if he’s not within a few miles of home or at the hotel.

Overall, it’s easy*. And I’m excited you’re giving it a try!!!

But yes, MRI accidents. Eeep! I knew a woman years ago that worked with a giant magnet machine. She wasn’t into jewelry or piercings luckily! But she had some stories…

*Not trying to be a jerk. T1D isn’t easy. I just feel like the podding thing seemed more intense when we started but it has become easier in the year we’ve been at it. Which is nice when something isn’t so freaking hard all the time.


So totally true!! :+1:t3:


You do know I was joking… it was nervous, unfunny joking, which is what I do when detect conflict and my inner peacemaker gets tapped, and she appears and, without permission from the others, throws a friend under the bus in hopes of making comic light of the situation… because there are others up there in my head. They’re just weaker and quieter than the dumb one.

You know all of that…

I don’t throw “acquaintances” under the bus. Only my friends. So really you should be flattered. … and … grateful? :grin:

I DO agree with the things you say. You’re a smart lady with good ideas and good insight. And now that I’ve nailed that explanation…

I feel like I want to hear her stories… but know it’s not in my best interest. Are they terrifying?



Which is why I’m teasing you about it here. :joy:

MRI: Those stories were from long ago…and I’ve tried to forget them. But I remember no one lost any digits. But they were dragged across the room.


I’m running again. I’m not sure it’s the best idea… in fact, I’m sure it’s not, but I’m doing it. I’m taking GREAT care to be mindful of my stride and posture and am backing off at the first glimmer of anything in the hip. I’d like to think this is enough to keep any real problems at bay but obviously am not betting on it.

I’m at about 3 miles a day. It’s pretty slow, but not entirely. I try to vary my pace a little for no good reason other than it satisfies something in my brain. I’m not sure where to go from here… or if I should just hang here for now. I’m still doing physical therapy and am scheduled for a gait analysis next month. And the MRI… forgot that. I’ll schedule it today maybe. Or maybe tomorrow. :smiley:

Anyway, I’m starting back from scratch on all my old bad habits, and my coffee pot and the trail are calling me. :smiley:


4 miles. :slightly_smiling_face:


Alright Nicky!

I can see that @Eric inspired you yesterday :slight_smile:


I pretended to be him today. You know— fake it till you make it kind of thing.

It wasn’t as much fun as I thought it was going to be. :smiley:


How’s the running going? Feeling good? Today was supposed to be a run day, but it snowed, so I decided it was a bad idea! So I’m pretending to be you today, while I instead lay on the couch by the fire, haha.


The running is feeling pretty good… in my lower body. It’s feeling magical in my head. :grin: I’m trying to be cautious and am ultra-aware of my cadence and all of that, but I am able to make whatever discomfort I might start to feel dissipate by picking it up again. In that fashion, I made it through 4 miles— and felt … good. You wouldn’t know it by how many times I said it went well, but I’m superstitious. Tomorrow I won’t be able to walk. :grin:

I hope pretending to be me was more fun than it was for me pretending to be Eric. I tried pretending to know a lot of stuff, but the people at the food store and around the neighborhood weren’t buying it. :rofl:

And—- snow?! I’m really jealous… :pleading_face:


Dang, Nick! You are smoking me in mileage this week! :smiley:

How is your BG going? Are you making basal adjustments, or what is happening with that?


So you’re in my head, Eric… which only means I’m continuing to do things the way I have always done them but now know why they’re wrong. I haven’t touched my basal rates only because I’m back to not knowing it’s time until it’s time. So… I’ve been… having …

Coffee. But anyway.

Today I went out at a 180 and returned at a 120ish. Friday I did even better and headed out at a 135 and returned at maybe a 98. I know it’s not the proper way to do it though, and tomorrow, with the kids back at school, I can pick a time and set my basal accordingly. It’s hard when you fall off of your schedule. Even the things that make the most sense can be difficult starting again. So tomorrow.

You better believe it. And my hip— it’s going okay. (Knock on wood knock on wood).



I loved seeing you at the race. I loved watching all of the runners. I want that. :heart:


I loved seeing you too.

Let’s get you there!

The thing for you to do next is simple. I know you don’t like it. Make it a priority this week.

Do it this week, and I will give you a secret bonus. :smiley:


So, if you think your hip will hang in there… sign up for a spring race, whatever distance sounds good, and we can be virtual training buddies! You can keep me honest when I’d rather be at home drinking wine by the fire than running in the cold. You already sound plenty motivated so I don’t know what I’d be doing in return :smiley: