DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


Sorry about all that. :slightly_frowning_face:


I had to double check… but you didn’t cause it. :wink: thank you though. And now I AM going to bed.


There seems to be an issue with sitting. Last time on your trip, 7 hours in the car really messed you up.

Is this normal for you? If you sit at home for an hour or two, or if you sit in the theater, do your hips get jacked up?

If you think sitting is an issue, talk to your guy about it.


The stuff you know about astounds me. :smile:


I’m going to just throw something out there… Based on my own experience, and that of my friends and family. I feel like PT offices ask people to come back two to three times a week, because patient compliance is absolutely terrible. People are completely unwilling to do the work at home. Most people are not @Eric and @Nickyghaleb.

I’ve had a lot of luck with PT and so has EH, after years of seeing doctors and chiropractors and massage therapists for help, PT diagnosed my neck issues and repaired them in six weeks.

Not all are amazing however, but personally I’ve found them helpful.


I had to go to a surgeon for a consult after going to 3 months of PT. I ended up with a hernia. He blamed overzealous PT and said it was all a racket to get repeat customers. I don’t have to have surgery but I have to keep an eye on it. A different doctor (non-surgeon) swore that PT couldn’t cause that. Don’t know…but I am careful with who I listen to from now on. As with everything…careful in who I listen to about diabetes advice, parenting advice, etc etc.

@Nickyghaleb, hang in there. I hate that for you.


Thank you. I’m motivated to sort this out. I’m also not Eric though. Thank goodness. :grin:

PT is how I ended up going for the tests that led to brain surgery. 4 years of going to doctors didn’t get me there. An observant therapist did.


That’s real, too. The people around my way are underachievers though. They’re less likely to hurt you than to cause spontaneous naps. But it’s a start.


I half feel like he’s a fountain of information. I half feel like I should start checking up in some of his facts. :grin:


Fact checking?!? Only because you’re worried about your legs being two different lengths? :rofl::lying_face::wink:


@Nickyghaleb, I definitely support you looking into your hip issues. I liked my PT person a lot. Don’t know what to think about the hernia, though. :woman_shrugging:


Yeah, that would kind of be a smudge… if your PT caused a hernia. It would be nice to not worry about suffering a hernia at the hands of your PT. However, maybe we just shouldn’t have such high standards. :smiley:



You are on a roll! :smiley:

Yeah, there are definitely some red flags there in some of his posts… I just wasn’t trying to call him out on it. I see though I’m not the only one who’s onto him. :smiley:


So. Back to the serious stuff… :neutral_face:

Here we go… I am not running today either. I can’t. My legs are very bad. You were so funny about “hip homework” in the other thread, and it DID make me laugh, but I couldn’t muster a funny response (unlike all of my other very funny responses :face_with_raised_eyebrow:) because my hips suck right now, and there’s nothing funny about them. Not that most people’s hips are particularly funny.

Seriously. I walked again. 1 mile. It was more a zombie shuffle, all mangled in a permanent grimace. I did that into the doctor’s office, where he gave me a very generous 4.5 minutes of his time. He said something about my groin, and that he would get me in for a hip injection on the 11th. An injection of what, I”m not sure. There wasn’t time to cover that. Not a steroid… I know that because I said, “I don’t think I’m supposed to get a steroid”, to which he responded with rolling his eyes, but he did confirm that it wasn’t. So an “injection”. He did give me an exam, but outside of that, I’m not sure what he was basing his decision on as I never even got to tell him where I feel the pain. So “pain specialist” might have a different meaning than what I had in mind. “Pain mind reader”. That could fit.

I didn’t take Advil today. There is some improvement over yesterday, and I’m hoping tomorrow is going to be even better. I’m going to try… TRY… to act in a mature way and make the call to take today and tomorrow off and maybe even do an alternative workout on Thursday. I’m not happy about being mature, at ALL, but I’m worried I’m going to run myself Into permanent injury. I was hoping dude was going to be a help today, but, ah, doctors… it wasn’t meant to be.

I did see my endo today, and that was a great appointment. At least I was filled up on the good stuff before heading off to the next spot.

Okay. I’ve kind of just said a lot. I was OKAY, for the most part, up until that long run/long ride to the beach combo. I could not walk for a couple of days, took it easy for a few more, and then tried to get back into it. I basically have not been able to walk for the last couple of days. Can you give me a little guidance without saying something stupid like how I should maybe change sports?

No pressure. But don’t say anything like that.


How about giving the people at UVA a chance now? They will certainly give you more than 4.5 minutes.

And what about going to a PT Solutions office in your area? Did you get a prescription for PT? If not, just call your endo and ask for one. Since you just saw him, it shouldn’t be hard to get a script for it.

Call PT Solutions and tell them you want an appointment with one of their senior therapists. This isn’t time to waste with some newby who just got their cert, you need to see someone who knows their stuff.

Seriously, get with a good physical therapist. That is the best thing for you to do right now.


Ok. :frowning_face:


I’m going to go in for a little cheerleading here.

It seems really grim right now, but you are a champion as far as healthcare goes. You will throw the right punches in the right situation, and in the end this is going to work out fine. We can’t all be @Eric and run a bazillion miles at the drop of a hat. :wink:

Maybe right now, you have to take a little running break and regroup. But that’s just at this moment. And you’re going to be the adult that you’re great at being, and call those doctors and get some help.

So that guy today was not the right guy, out in pain management land. He is fired. New guy. New girl. Not sure, but somebody out there is going to help you. You just have to run them down. (or, shuffle after them like a zombie. That actually might be the most effective! Maybe they really take you seriously if they thought you were going to eat their brains. :joy: :woman_zombie: :brain: :plate_with_cutlery: )

/cheerleading off

Okay, maybe that’s not what you need. But that’s about what I’ve got. I’m sorry that it sucks. And I’m sorry that you feel like ■■■■. And I hope tomorrow is an improvement. And I know how much it sucks to wait for the stupid doctor to call you back. But just hang tight. Keep calling.


Hey DN, let’s talk tomorrow. There is really only one task to take care of for running right now, and that’s just to find the right person to help you figure out the injury.

Put your focus on rehab. Treat rehab like a daily workout.

If you have access to something that you can do for cardio that doesn’t hurt your hips - not sure what you can do - maybe stationary cycle or swimming or step machine. Whatever doesn’t make you hips hurt, just to get heart rate up 30 minutes a day, then you won’t lose much of your training.



Thank you. :two_hearts:

I’ll find something. Even if I have to get creative.:dancer:t2:

Yes, please, if you’ve got the time. …


yes I was just going to say that! They are ALWAYS giving me exercises to do at home and telling me I’ll be fixed MUCH quicker. And…I never do them. So I have only myself to blame.