DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


I was thinking it might be good for you to do if you can. Just to have your gait checked to make sure it wasn’t contributing to your injury or causing you pain. Since you sometimes have more pain during and after running, it would be good to see if there are some things you can fix. They talk through your symptoms and give you the exercises and everything.

Taking a small bit of carbs before you start. Yes, the banana, or whatever works. That 80 point drop is just your body scrambling for fuel. Feed it a little bit.

A cadence that is too low means your stride is too long, which can hurt your joints and also makes you work harder to run, because your stride is slowing you down when you plant. 180 is great.


If my local sports medicine guy does all of these things… could he be a substitute? He’s a marathoner himself, and he looks at gait, cadence, etc. He’s just too far to see 2 or 3 times a week, and that’s usually his recommendation…



There are a lot of people who could be good and help you. And a lot of clowns who will waste your time. If you think he’s good, sure.

But I think the nice thing about the UVA thing was that I think they give you a plan and then you work it at home. They don’t ask you to come back over and over.

That’s the problem with a lot of PT places. They don’t really have a motivation for you to heal, because they keep saying “come back 3 times per week…”


Hey, did you run today?

Saturday is a somewhat important run. We need to see how you can handle a long run. Just to see if you can manage it without pain.

If you handle the Saturday long okay, we will put you back to work.


I was just sitting down to write to you about it. Yes, i ran today. I ran on the treadmill this morning, and it was not terrible. I went 4.5 miles in just over 40 minutes. I mixed in some inclines, mostly because of boredom. BG was a hot mess, and RPE was about 6ish…7ish… Depended on my hips. Once I got settled, it was easy going…

Did that answer your question?

And about my sports medicine guy… I don’t think he’s a clown. I think the UVA thing looks like it would be better, but it would be harder to swing. You gave me the idea of just telling my guy I can’t get up there 3 times a week and getting him to give me a routine at home. I think I might be able to work something out. I was going to call today but got too busy. I’ll send him an email and try to arrange it. Hopefully I can get to him next week or the following week. I know he has the same angle as you, so you’d probably approve… maybe.

So. Now about tomorrow’s run??


Try to get an hour. Speed and distance don’t matter, take it very easy. Keep your heart rate down and just have a very relaxing run. No stress or intensity, 60 minutes, very easy pace.

After you are done, try to keep moving a little bit. Don’t sit down for hours. Every once-in-a-while move your hips and swing your legs like I told you, so you don’t tighten up.

Let’s see how you are doing on Sunday and then we can get back to work.


This is KEY. When I sit, I get REALLY locked up. It’s ridiculous.

Is the treadmill okay?? And what about mixing in the inclines? Just to mix up the positioning…


Treadmill is fine. And changing incline is also fine, but keep your HR down.


All righty then…

6.5 miles. 60 min. RPE 7ish. HR :ok_hand: Beginning BG 128. Ending BG 64. AND had my banana just before starting… thank goodness.



Run sounds good, but how are your hips doing? Are you good to get back to it next week?

On that big drop, it’s worth mentioning that for the longer runs your might need more carbs during the run.

In general, for non-diabetics running over 90 minutes, the recommended amount is about 30-60 grams per hour.

It’s something that you can’t do all up-front, because then you will spike, and the carbs can’t be used. If you can plan on feeding a little bit throughout the run, it can help get rid of the drop. Maybe 10 grams every 30 minutes or something like that. You don’t have to try an hit the full 30-60 gram recommendation, but just a little bit can help.

Anything made by GU, or Huma Gel would be good. Sport Beans https://www.sportbeans.com is super easy, because it’s about 25 grams per pack, so you can easily divide it out as needed (they are basically just jelly beans for runners).

Anyway, if your hips are up for it, we get back to work on Monday. 6 weeks to go.


Will add to my list of things to order.

So I think we just say my hips are up for it. I am calling the sports med/runner guy Monday and see the pain specialist Tuesday. I’ve got it covered.


Don’t look ahead or look at the next day, only look at the day you are on.

The only run that matters is “today’s run”, not “tomorrow’s”.

Week 6:

Monday, August 13, 40-45 minute Easy Run
8:57-9:55 pace

Tuesday, August 14, 1/2 mile repeats
1/2 mile warmup at easy pace

5 sets:
1/2 mile at 7:30 pace (8.0 MPH)
1/2 mile easy recovery jog

1/2 mile cool-down at easy pace

Wednesday, August 15, Off day

Thursday, August 16, Tempo run
1/2 mile warmup at easy pace

3 miles at 8:00 pace

1 mile cool-down at easy pace

Friday, August 17, 35-40 minute Easy Run
8:57-9:55 pace

Weekend, August 18 or 19, Long Run
75 minutes at 9:31-10:16 pace


I’m looking tonight, which technically is looking ahead, but I was just looking to see what I have tomorrow. Looks good and looking forward to it.

The rest look hard.



That’s why I said to not look ahead…


Just pulling your leg there, buddy… They don’t look too hard. :smiley:

I didn’t look. :see_no_evil: Only joking.


Random question… you know how I am about numbers, and I’m trying to understand these… How is a cadence alone, without the context of your pace, a meaningful number? Without knowing someone’s speed, how is knowing they took 200 steps a minute helpful? This has absolutely nothing to do with me, I’m just curious. It seems 200 steps a minute could mean a slower stride or a slower pace. But how would you know the difference?


I know your general pace. And since it was right after your warmup, I knew it wasn’t an extremely fast pace or slow pace, it was right in your general distance pace.

The day you did it was warmup and then 7.0 mph.

Usually runners have a problem with a cadence that it too low, not too high.

Your cadence will generally increase somewhat as your speed increases, up to a point. And if your cadence was 180 at the easy pace, it would only increase as you got faster.

So your cadence is not a problem at all, and that tells me your stride is also not too long. Those are all good things.


So you did have context. Makes sense.

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


So just an all around bad day. I tried to get on the treadmill, but I couldn’t run. At all. I held up my weight for maybe a quarter mile, but every time i tried to take my hands away from the side bars, it felt like my hips were going to shatter. I ended up going down the street for a very slow, painful 1 mile walk. Even had a public cry. About a lot of nothing.

I drove about 4 hours round trip today for a doctor’s appointment. I also sat for 2 hours in the waiting room. All for semi-crappy news. I took one Advil for the way up and one for the way back, but I think all that sitting just left me too locked up. Tomorrow morning I see my endo (and will test my meters… the highlight of my week), and then I see the pain specialist tomorrow afternoon. IF I WAKE UP TOMORROW AND THE PAIN IS GONE, which seems to be the way it always works, I’m going to run to the appointment. 38 miles. All the way. I would REALLY like this doctor to see the kind of pain i’m talking about so maybe i can get some help figuring out the cause.

Bad days suck, so it’s best to put an end to them. I’m going to try to close this thing and go to sleep. But if you see me on here asking dumb questions after midnight, you’ll know I failed. :slight_smile: