DN’s Running and Other Mishaps Thread


On the hip pain, it’s both of them, right?


Today, yes.

Right hip is the bad hip, but left hip, same spot, goes in and out. It’s also along the side/back of my left thigh, behind left knee, and on upper, upper inner thighs. A pinching.

Right, and left at times, makes weight-bearing hard. Turning. Last night I couldn’t roll over. Lifting my leg to move it… I literally have to lift up my leg and place it outside of the car when I’m gettin out. And brace myself when I’m standing. I tried jumping on my mini-rebounder this morning, and it was a no-go. I walked 2 miles and took an Advil when I got home. The Advil brings GREAT relief. I’d like to snack on them… but won’t, obviously.

I called the pain specialist today and will see him Tuesday.

You asked a simple question and I answered with a full confession. I felt great yesterday. I could barely walk this morning. :frowning:️ Please tell me you had an idea before I went off on that…


When you went in to see someone, I was going to suggest they measure your legs to see if they are the same length. That can cause hip issues.

Also, roads are generally crowned, so if you run on the road, one side will be slightly higher than the other side. This is made worse if you switch sides when you return, because then you are elevating the same leg on the way back, and the same leg gets twice as much. but not switching sides means you don’t see traffic so that isn’t really an option.

But if it is both legs, the road crowning or leg length is probably not a big factor.

How are your hamstrings for flexibility? Can you bend over and touch the ground without bending your knees? Tight hamstrings can also cause hip problems.

The bottom line for all of this stuff is that you have to find someone who doesn’t just fix symptoms, but looks at the kinetic chain of your body and solves the problem. You need to find a PT guy who can really investigate and not just treat hips, but diagnose the whole thing.

I don’t know if your pain specialist is the right guy. He might be, but maybe not.

Check out what UVA does. I think this is what you should do. Read this whole page:


I’ve heard of this and will certainly ask.

Yes, pain on both sides, and I either run on the sidewalk or on a running path. I like your thinking though. I’ve had x-rays and MRIs… all clean. It shouldn’t be this way, but sometimes clean is frustrating.

When not in pain, I’m very flexible. Yes, I can touch my toes without bending my knees… and can lay palms flat on the ground. However, once I get to this level, it all gets more difficult. But I don’t think it’s a matter of flexibility per se… I might be wrong though. Also worth consideration.

I have a neurosurgeon who is helping me to figure it out. It’s my fault I haven’t already gone through the first round of nerve blocks. He thinks, because of the WHOLE group of symptoms, numbness in feet, bladder, hip pain, pain with activity, that it’s probably my tailbone cysts acting up. There’s also some kind of impingement along my spine. In fact, my whole spine is a mess. I had brain surgery in 2007 for something called Chiari I Malformation and Syringomyelia. My spinal canal was 85% eaten away by fluid. I also had, and still have, Tarlov Cysts at the other end. Those were filled with fibrin glue… and things were great for many years. However, I still have a syrinx along my spine, and it continues to give me some trouble. So when you say “kinetic chain”, I understand. I’m supposed to see my guy on the 30th for the first round of nerve blocks, and he’s starting at the sacral level, which is where the biggest 2 cysts are located.

He’s not really good for anything but sending me for tests. We’ve covered that. Now I just want him to give me a script for PT. Hopefully that’ll help get me on the right path again.

Should’ve read the page first. I’ll go read that now.


What are your running plans for Thursday? We need to check your cadence.


I’m planning on trying the workout on the treadmill.

If I can’t, I can’t, but I’m gonna give it a shot.


Let’s look at cadence. Do you know how to check your cadence?


I know there’s supposed to be a cadence-counting app… ??


Not counting… is it counting?

Or maybe it’s a rhythm thing…

No. I don’t know how.

  1. Don’t do this at the very beginning of your run. Don’t do this at the end. Do it after a 1 mile warmup. Do it when you are warmed up, but not tired.

  2. On your treadmill, there should be a clock timer you can look at. Start at the beginning of any minute, like X:00

  3. Count the number of times your left foot moves forward in one minute. Just count left steps (it’s easier this way).

  4. At the end of 1 minute, multiply left steps by 2. This is the total number of steps per minute. That is your cadence.

  5. Do this twice! Make sure your numbers are reasonably close, that you didn’t miss-count. If your numbers are close, average them and send me that number. I am looking for your total steps per minute.


So there’s not an app. :smiley: i don’t imagine you’re a big app guy…

I joke. I can handle it. And it IS counting.


I am not an app guy at all. I run, that’s it.


And make up your own lyrics to stuff. Good lyrics, sure.


Sounds like you have IT band tendonitis aggravated intensifies with prolonged walking running, also you mentioned sidelying is painful. This could be trochanteric bursitis. If you have this good and bad news . Good news stretching will fix it … bad news when starting stretching first few days get more pain then it starts easing up … the new guy diabetic over 30 years …physical therapist 20 years . Hope you get it figured out


Not something that has been mentioned during any of my appointments. That’s good news. It’s jot something that has been ruled out.

That fits…[quote=“David, post:294, topic:4398”]
sidelying is painful

No, this I may have miscommincated. Sidelying is fine, but lifting my leg… like moving it around over night in order to reposition myself is bad. Makes for a crappy night’s sleep. With bursitis, tenderness is a common symptom? There’s none.

THANK YOU for sharing your ideas. It gives me something to ask at my appointment Tuesday.

Just out of curiosity, no pressure to answer, if Advil REALLY knocks back the pain—like the difference between being able to walk and not being able to walk— could this possibly be a straight inflammation issue?? Or is that a dumb question because any injury would boil down to a straight inflammation issue?

Again, thank you for your ideas.


I did 2 cadence checks. There were both 180 on the dot. I did it a couple of minutes after warmup.

I’m slammed today, so I’m going to make this as fast as possible… to your great relief. :smiley:

I had an Advil this morning. I’ll just put that out there. I also had to extend the warm up to a mile because of… stiffness. At a mile though, I was pretty much ready to go. Did 2 miles at 8:34 at RPE of 6-7. Felt pretty good. My endurance is definitely stronger than my hips, but my hips hung in there. Mile cool down. Started at a BG of 163 and ended at 86.

How’d I do?

Also, I really couldn’t do the core exercises last week for a couple of reasons. Now I’m just procrastinating. Should I start them back up?


If no pain with with pressure, probably nerve related . Does it hurt if you lie on your back and stretch pulling your knee to the opposite shoulder or hurt your bottom when you sit on a hard surface?



Very good.

How long was basal off? Did you eat anything when you started? Was the 163 from coffee?

That 80 point drop would be good to reduce.

Yes. Do your core 4-5 times per week, and stretch every day. Definitely do the hip exercises.


Just out of curiosity… what would be bad?

Basal was off one hour. I did not eat anything… because I forgot. The 163 was from coffee. Just an observation, but I notice you have made at least a couple of remarks about how it would be good to reduce those drops… I don’t know how. It really has been a drastic improvement to be able to go out for a relatively long and strenuous workout without crashing 10 minutes in. I don’t know how to get up and stay up without …

The banana. I also remember you mentioning once or twice about eating the banana before heading out. I may have just solved my own problem. :smiley:

I’ll resume exercises and stretching.

So I thought I was just going in to read a page… but this is an actual thing to GO to in person. Did you mean for me to call tomorrow and get details? Or was I just supposed to read what they do and then get back to doing whatever I was doing anyway? :smiley:


No to all. I’m not sure how much you’ve read about my symptoms and conditions and whatnot, but I do have Tarlov cysts, and it USED to really hurt when sitting on a hard surface. The fact that it doesn’t at all now makes me a little hesitant to believe the cysts are what’s causing the pain. However, they would hit all the right places as far as symptoms.