Display G4 data on iwatch face?

Is there an app to get my Dexcom G4 data to display directly on my iwatch face? Use the share2 app and also have the nightscout/ myBG app. I am just looking for something to get it on my home screen/ iwatch face, if possible :thinking: I saw there is a watchsugar app but it says not available in the us now?
Currently, I have to unlock it, reopen the app…

K I think I figured it out! For the G4, I just made it so the last app never shuts off, so it’s always there once it’s on… watchsugar is obsolete I guess - the guy who made it has a G5, and I guess once I have an upgrade (I’m thinking a g6 next year) I will be able to use the dexcom app as a complication… but for now, this will work…

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Well done figurong it out!


I think that @Bradford has a lot of expertise on this.

Update: the Sugarmate App works for G4 with share to display the data on the watchface :slight_smile:

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Is there a way to make a non-share G4 able to send data to a phone or smartwatch? Something I could plug the receiver into that would allow it to broadcast a Bluetooth signal?

I pay for the G4 out of pocket, so don’t want to upgrade because of the issue of the G5 transmitters dying after only three months + a couple weeks (I get over a year out of each G4 transmitter). In Canada, for some reason they skipped the G4 Share entirely and just went from the G4 straight to the G5, but the G4 Share sounds like the ideal solution to such issues.

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@docslotnick might be the best one to chip in with an xdrip suggestion?

You might want to take a look at the thread he has going on as to how long a G5 will last on when using xdrip. Perhaps the G5/xdrip combo would work for you?

The idea there is that the G5 transmitter does not actually die after 3 month (and 3 weeks) but rather the Dexcom Receiver and the Dexcom app (on a Smart Device) will stop reading the signals from the transmitter after that time period. But the G5 transmitter may still be good. I think in Doc’s test he is at 5 months and closing in on 6 months for his G5 transmitter going to the xdrip.

And with two G5 transmitters costing the same as one G4 transmitter - that might be what you need.

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@Jen, this is the thread @Thomas is talking about:

But, even on xdrip, I don’t think the G5 will be close to the year you get out of your G4 :frowning: Although, of course, I would never have thought it would make it that long already.

@Michel - Thanks for including the link. Agreed, the G5 almost surely would not last as long as a G4 but it doesn’t have to. Dexcom has stated that with or without insurance, a customer should get two G5 transmitters for the same price as a single G4 transmitter. So, the G5 on xdrip only has to last half as long as a G4 (native) to get the same economics.

Whether it is accurate that two G5 are the same cost as a single G4 from Canada on self-pay is likely something @Jen would best be able to confirm.

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@Jen You can generate a Bluetooth signal frm a G4 transmitter that can be read by a smartphone or watch with an xDrip wixel. Pretty much a do it yourself device and it’s not too expensive to build.

If you’re not into soldering I’ll bet there are some sources for premade units.


Thanks! I have absolutely zero idea how to solder, so I will see if I can find a pre-made unit. Maybe lots of people made them and are selling them off now that they have the G5. :slight_smile:

@Jen I found this site that sells a kit and claims ANYONE can put it together. Might be worth a look, doesn’t look at all complicated.


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@Jen, I may be able to put it together for you if you wanted. I could make this a winter project for my son and me.

I am sure I could get some consulting from our forum experts:-)