Disney Cruise Remy Dessert

That’s a delicious idea! :bread:

I bake whole wheat bread with stone ground wheat—more fiber—but it can be a bit more glycemic than I expected. But tasty!


I could definitely use some pointers on eyeballing ounces of bread at restaurants. Ive been practicing at home but I never get close after weighing it out on the scale. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


In the revived bread thread (see here Different bread, different reactions - #11 by bostrav59) no one has talked about bread at restaurants, which is tricky. Usually it’s bad for you although it may taste pretty good. I’d expect that parker house rolls (which I love and which often get served in bread baskets) are super high in glycemic index. Although I can’t find any thing on the internet that confirms this.

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The ingredients in restaurant breads are so unpredictable that guessing the weight doesn’t help me much. And it has to be really really good bread for me to eat it (unless going low) ‘cos I’d rather share a dessert with my husband!!