Disney Cruise Remy Dessert

We just got back from a Disney cruise! I threw caution to the wind as we tried the Remy (dining location) desert affair (see menu below). I have no idea what the carbs were, just dosed heavily trying to anticipate the sugar load and fats for each of the 6 deserts. My BG got as high as 188 (which I considered a great success!) and slowly came back into normal range. It was definitely worth the price of admission (not sure about cost of the affair, but BG/insulin wise in any case)!! The first pic is the “menu” though everyone got one of each (I ate part of my wife’s Forét Noire…my fav by far!). The second pic is the Citron which actually is type of lime vice lemon; it takes 3 days to make and even close up you could be forgiven for thinking it was real the outside is white chocolate, the yellow inside is a sweet-tart lime mousse, and the green inside is a sweet-tart dicing of the actual lime. The leaf/stem is real to set the tone. I DID choose to skip the three desert wine and champagne pairings they offered.

Our grandson kept us busy on the Aquaduck water slide and running around, which I’m sure helped my BG’s try to stay in line the rest of the trip! A bit wider swing post meal, but even with the different meals and trying a mint chocolate-chip Sunday, I managed to stay 69% TIR (80-160) with a 132 avg, 29 StdDev, & 23% COV. For a 68 yr old geezer, that ain’t bad!


That’s awesome, Tom!!!


Bravo! I wouldn’t have had the guts to attempt it but it sounds delicious, and a great result.


That’s awesome @TomH ! Congrats on doing it right!

The picture looks incredible. As they say in French cooking - first you taste with the eyes.


Looks delicious and worth any meanderings!!!

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