Discovery of Insulin - the rest of the story

I didn’t want to muddy up @elver post on the 100 year anniversary of insulin, but his post prompted me to go look for the video on “the story of insulin” that I saw years ago. The wonders of youtube returned this video. A perspective of the discovery of insulin that I don’t think I’ve seen before. We all know science builds upon past research, but I found this version absolutely fascinating.

I’m sure many here already know this(unless this is fake news), but thought I would share. Did you know this version?


Thanks @jim26 for the consideration, but a little muddying is fine with me. It seems to be my life these days…

Love the post!


Thank you so much for posting this. I had also seen it before, but it was great to re-watch. Makes me tear up every time!

The footage near the end of the hundreds of vials going down the assembly line with the narrator saying, “Here is science, finding a way to alter the human condition…” made me think of vaccines in the world’s present sitaution. :slight_smile: Science is amazing.


I just watched the story of insulin and they presented similar info, I just forgot🤦‍♂️.

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I knew there was more to the story, compared to what is typically the “Banting and Best” duo. Great video on the whole story.

And thanks to all the dogs, then pigs and cows that helped out too. :smiley:


Another interesting story… the beginning of the story.

"To honor the student that made this huge discovery, these cell clusters were called the “ Islets of Langerhans ”.


Great stories! It’s almost surreal to realize that diabetes was a death sentence. I feel very lucky to live in this era with all the technology we have to manage our diabetes.

Edit: In a museum I saw one of the original vials of insulin produced in 1922 and a vial of the first synthetic insulin produced in 1982: