A History of Insulin

The video below gives an excellent history of the discovery of insulin. WARNING: There are pictures shown that may be disturbing to some of you. This is a very well prepared, and very educational video. I hope that many of you will appreciate this.


Thanks for the link, @Richard157. Heartbreaking, really when you look at these children :frowning: It makes us all realize how far we have come in a century.

Incidentally, Banting gave up his rights to insulin, in order to make it possible for all to have access to insulin as cheaply as possible. It would be interesting to find his reaction to today’s insulin prices.


Richard, thank you for providing the link to that video. Really interesting look at both the discovery and human side of the researchers, limitations and all. It really is interesting how many people it took to make the discovery and how without the chemist (Collip) they would have been up the creek without a paddle.


@Richard157, that was a cool video, thank you. I also didn’t know, like @Chris, how many people were involved, I thought it was only Banting.

I had already seen the pictures so that was not a problem.


@Richard157, I just gave your thread the 10th like! You deserve 100 or more, and not only for this thread :smiley: Hugs, MP

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thx richard :sunny: this was wonderful and very illuminating on many levels. i never knew the history of insulin (which you would expect me to know…maybe all of us should know. we’re all such a curious bunch!! :wink: )

i enjoyed the video tremendously. now i have something more to share with my family. yay.


Here is another take on the history of insulin. Somewhat amusing.

Part 2