Did something dumb with my transmitter

I threw it out. :man_facepalming:

Just dumb. I always take off the sensor and throw it out. Same with my pods. So it just kind of happened - without thinking, doing that normal practice of peeling something off and throwing it away

It only had about 6 weeks on it.

I have more, so it isn’t a big deal. Just wasn’t thinking right. :man_shrugging:

Any of you ever done that?


Almost. Murphy’s law seems to kick in when we’re in a hurry! I’ve started prying the transmitter out of its port first before I tear the sensor off, which keeps my brain focused on saving it. I’ve done the sort of similar thing with pods: Start a new pod and forget to take off the old expired one, go back a half hour later and rip off/trash the brand new pod.


I’ve taken off a sensor when I meant to take off my pod! :joy:


I’ve done this before when I was younger (probably vintage Dexcom days, like Dexcom Seven or Seven Plus), accidentally threw away my whole sensor + transmitter, I think it was at like a theme park or something like that to make it even more unrecoverable. At the time we did not have extras, and my parents definitely were not pleased lol :grimacing:


Yep, I’ve done it. I’m usually just so happy to tear that sensor off of me that it is so easy to toss it out without removing the transmitter! I did rummage through the trash to recover it though!


I did in the beginning but I was fortunate. I realized it later and pulled it out of the garbage before it went to the curb. :grimacing: :astonished:


Too many separate bits and pieces (roll on G7, maybe).

The only problem is when I drop something I want into the sharps container. Takes forever to shake everything out of that thing.

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It’s slightly possible if you call Dexcom and tell them that they will replace it, it’s worth a try! :slight_smile:


Those guys are jerks… I’ve tried this in an attempt to score bonus transmitters, they will not send replacements without recovering the original, they’re super stingy about it!