Recent transmitter failures

Last Sunday night I was watching TV about 9:30 pm and my smartphone started dinging about 5X. I got a message that my transmitter had failed. This transmitter was started July 18 and quit August 23. Fortunately, I had an extra from a similar transmitter that also died early. I found moisture under both transmitters when removed. Can the transmitter be removed and dried off, say in the middle of a sensor’s 10 day life, and be still usable? I watched on here by egreen that removed one, wiped it all and then snapped it back in. What’s up with that???

You can remove the transmitter and put it back in. It isn’t the easiest thing to do, but it is possible. Wiping off the moisture shouldn’t be necessary however. Just call Dexcom and get that one replaced as well. The most common reason people are removing the transmitter and putting it back in are to “fool” the system and allow you to restart the sensor and continue using it past the 10 day expiration.

Edit - edited out incorrect information

You can remove transmitter, wait 20-30 minutes, put back on same sensor, to restart, using Dexcom receiver, app or tandem pump (or xdrip, but not required).

XDrip was required to reset days on transmitter, but with newer transmitters, that no longer works)


I’ve had a number that have popped halfway off and gotten wet underneath and given the ??? Until I removed the transmitter and dried both and reinstalled… this has happened many times. I’ve only seen “transmitter failed” when the transmitter was truly dead… my experiences are limited to the G5

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