Anyway to remove transmitter without replacing sensor?

I just replaced Samson’s sensor – and put the old transmitter on instead of the new one. Is there any way to remove the G6 transmitter without pulling off the sensor? has anyone figured out a hack?

Maybe this?

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Dexcom might replace it for you, if you tell them what happened.

You can try and give them a call first, and if they say they will replace it, you can yank it and toss it and you are not out anything.

If they won’t replace it, you can start working the hacks.

it’s not so much the burned sensor i care about-- its the extra changeout. I was really hoping to avoid that today as it’s Samson’s birthday.


Happy birthday to Samson! Plz send our regards and wish him a Happy Birthday from Liam and all of us!

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I think you can break the back carefully and remove and replace.

Happy Birthday!

And a Happy Birthday to Samson! Hope however many kids showed up for his party had a great time.:balloon::candle::gift::partying_face: