Dexcom Technical Support

We had a G6 sensor that was put in fresh last night but never worked right. After the two-hour warm-up, it just was not giving good data. Dex Tech Support requested that I try calibrating it. (This new sensor had been started using the code on the sticker via photo pickup from the app for no calibration mode.)

Dex Tech Support requested that for the G6 to give a calibration that would try to get it on the right track is a three calibration sequence with 15 minutes between each one. This is not a “normal” calibration approach.

Did that.

This morning, checked again and it still was not good. Not trending properly nor within limits. I believe that Dex Tech Support said the limits were 20/20 in terms of the maximum the readings should be off at which point Dex would consider it a problem. The Dexcom 20/20 rule is within 20% over 80 and within 20 points below 80.

We were not within that range nor was it trending properly and we had already tried the triple calibration (15 minute spacing) the night before.

So, called back Dex Tech Support this morning and they said they would ship out a replacement sensor. I also asked if they would ship a package of the overpatches as I had heard from others on here about these but never tried them. (We use Opsite Flexifix.) Figured no reason not to give them a try. We only apply extra tape around day #8 anyway more or less.

After I got off the phone with Dexcom Technical Support, I received an email notification in slightly under two hours that our order is being processed with all the details. It will be interesting to see if I also receive an email when the order ships. In the past, I never received a “shipping” email for replacement sensors. At least getting the “processing” email (with full details) is nice to know it is in the system with no obvious mistakes.

Also Dexcom Technical Support said (in response to my question) that we can still use Dexcom Technical Support for our Dexcom issues (as opposed to Tandem Technical Support) because we are using the Dexcom G6 Mobile App running on our Apple iPhone. This allows Dexcom to do any troubleshooting with us via the Dexcom App on the Apple iPhone. Implication being that Dexcom Support will not do any troubleshooting via the Tandem t:slim X2 pump - for that, one must call Tandem Technical Support. This made sense to me and helped to clarify some of my confusion regarding Dexcom or Tandem picking up support issues for the G6 when integrated with the X2.


Sorry to hear about the sensor problem. We also had a bad one, and the good news is we go three messages from Dexcom, with the final which included the Your Order Is On Its Way! with tracking information.


Yeah - previous replacements had not the greatest feedback.

This seems to be a process improvement.

Also it was quick to get Dex Tech support on the line (Sunday morning) and the email was quick to come back also.


We just received an email (with shipper tracking number) that the order has shipped.

(Or at least that the shipping label was printed)

Dexcom like many medical companies has a huge Q4 in terms of sales and a weak Q1. The reset of many people’s insurance deductibles drives sales into Q4 and out of Q1.

It is possible that Dexcom is no longer running slow on shipping orders now that we are in Q1.