Dexcom new sensor trials

I met with my pump trainer today to check in on the settings for my new pump (going well!) and she mentioned that her clinic will be a site for the new Dexcom sensor trials. I threw my hat into the ring for consideration! Paws crossed! :smile_cat:


Interesting, let us know what you think.

Is that the sensor that was going to be a lot smaller?

I believe so! Sure hope I am selected!

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i would love to be part of that trial if it were free. especially if the sensor were considerably smaller. i was on the Dexcom (4 and 5) for a little over a year and just gave it up. it was painful for me to insert, i couldn’t get more than 3 days out of each one, and i spent more time on line with their customer service reps than i did with just about anything else.

currently, i am on the FreeStyle Libra Pro Sensor for my endo’s use. it is attached behind my left shoulder. i didn’t feel it going in and i don’t feel it now that i am wearing it. it is waterproof, so i can swim with it, and it is more than just 1/2 the size of the dexcom. unfortunately i don’t think it is approved yet for commercial use. it is only approved for the use by doctors and medical professionals.

i hope that you are selected, too. :smile: it would be wonderful.

It’s awesome you are doing that so your Endo can see how great you are doing with your swimming!

thanks eric. i am so excited about it. also, it doesnt use a receiver like the dexcom, it uses a scanner (like when you go to the grocery store) its very cool.

Keep in mind though, it is measuring interstitial fluid not blood, so there is a little bit of lag time between what value it gives you and what your actual blood sugar is. So while the BG test is up-to-the-minute, the Libre is maybe 15 or 20 minutes behind.

So if you were to use it yourself and not just let the doctor download the results, just be aware of the time difference.

thats interesting, b/c from everything that i’ve read, it doesnt have the lag time like the dexcom. its supposed to function from minute to minute in real time. did i read about it incorrectly?

Daisymae, it may make more measurements than the Dexcom, but because it is implanted under the skin and not in the bloodstream, the interstitial fluid measurement is approximately 15 minutes behind your blood, since it needs to equilibrate the tissue. That is why any CGM will lag when there are big changes, and it will be pretty close to right on when your bg isn’t changing.

Dexcom has a number of new sensors in the pipeline. It will be interesting as to which one this is.

so, i suppose it would be in my best interest to keep the dex receivers and transmitters that i have ? i have the G4 and the G5 and some ancient but unused transmitters.

(i currently do not use the CGM b/c it didn’t work well for my body, and that darned receiver drove me nuts with all the arrows going about in all the crazy directions . up, down, fast, slow, then the ???, then nothing, out of range, alarms, etc etc etc. ) the only positive thing i got from the sensor was when i needed to do a dual or extended bolus for certain foods. otherwise, i wanted to throw the damn thing in the ocean :wink:

@CatLady, did you get in the trial?

Turned out be only for the new (still pretty lame, IMHO) receiver…sigh…

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Do you know anything about the receiver? What is different?

It is a touchscreen receiver.

There already is a touchscreen option. It’s called an iPhone!

What if someone needs to wear gloves for work or because it is cold? It seems like making touchscreen the only option is limiting. If they get rid of the push-buttons, that could be problematic for some. Try using a touchscreen with ski gloves!