Dexcom moving manufacturing to Arizona

Report: Dexcom cuts California jobs in manufacturing, R&D shift

This is likely to cause some disruptions


No Impact, except the AZ production will increase with all the jobs an manuf going to one place. R&D hiring is in process to increase the R&D in San Diego.

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@CarlosLuis Like @Sjwprod I don’t think this is going to be any problem.

I exited SoCal, San Diego home to Dexcom some 15 years ago, should have got out a lot earlier but that’s a different story, moved to Arizona. At about 10 years ago Dexcom opening a facility in Mesa. Really I am surprised to see how long it took Dexcom to make the shift.

The Phoenix, Mesa, Scottsdale area has been deemed Silicone Desert because it is replacing Silicone Valley. The likes of Intel, Microsoft & others making the move there. Actually been moving there for years.

I really miss the Arizona Sun :sun_with_face: