Dexcom in hot tub

I’m sure this has been covered before but how does the Dexcom sensor hold up in hot tubs?

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@Sam I can’t speak for others, but when submerged for longer than 10 minutes in a hot tub, mine gives false highs. I’m on the G5


My G4 zonks out even in a quick shower. Despite the waterproof seal, the water itself will interfere with the wireless communication, no?

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It probably depends on how long you stay in. The last time I was in a hot tub I stayed in for a couple of hours, and my G5 fell right off. I don’t think you’re supposed to stay in that long though…

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@Sam, I just talked about this on a recent phone call to Dexcom and was surprised by the rep’s answer. Now keep in mind it was just the one rep, and I’m not sure if they have that wide variety like other companies can, but the rep said hot tubs are fine except for, like @Katers87 said, on the adhesive. I was asking specifically about temperature and whether there were any rules or limits, and she said there weren’t. It wasn’t the sensor performance they worried about with hot tubs— it was keeping them attached. She said one could expect to have it pop off at some point.

Oh! This was for the G6… I’m not sure if that helps you then??


cough cough

I’d gone in the hot tub for probably 10-15 minutes the other day with my dexcom g6 attached. I didn’t have any connection issues during or after, and I didn’t notice any false highs or lows (but I’d only done 1 fingerstick an hour after). My usual adhesion (of sim patch + skin tac) held up fine for that short period of time!

Unsure what would happen with a longer period of time though, and I’d guess the post-tub performance may depend on if the sensor is doing fine on the accuracy and connectivity fronts before getting in the hot tub too (like hot tub may perhaps exacerbate the issues?)


I swim twice a week with my G6. My treat after my swim is 5-10 minutes in the hot tub. I have never had a problem (it takes a couple minutes for the g6 to take correct readings again but in about 30 minutes, it is right on track).


I didn’t really have any one particular pump company in mind. I mean any one of them really… of the many.

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I’ve worn my G6 into the pool and hot tub several times. No problems or concerns at all. The receiver will lose connection while submerged because the radio waves can’t penetrate water.

And, so far, it hasn’t complained about X-rays, either.