G6 Advice Swimming

Hi All,

Was wondering if anyone had any good waterproofing strategies for swimming with G6.

It seems as though lately the sensors have been failing for a variety of water related reasons, not just swimming.

Thank you

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I’ve not had any problems with water and G6. I have dived to around 100ft with the G6, repeatedly, and it still worked correctly afterward.

The weak link is the pair of carbon (I think) contacts between the sensor and the transmitter. Each sensor comes pre-equipped with grease which seals these. The seal works fine under pressure but conceivably repeated exposure to water jets might cause it to fail; water jets and water immersion are completely different engineering classifications for water.

Sweating does, eventually, sweat off the adhesive patch. That will inevitably cause the G6 to fall off and, thereby, fail; there are patches which have more sweat proof adhesive.

Diving (as in springboard) is what I class as a “wardrobe malfunction”; the patch gets ripped off. If you do that the all-over 3M tegaderm patches (the big ones, much cheaper in bulk) will prevent the wardrobe or the water getting a grip. This may apply to “swimming” too, if you are enthusiastic; swimming for me is pretty much zero exercise.


I snorkel 2-3 hours at a time. What I have to do is use Skin Tac for the sensor and then more Skin Tac on the free over patches that dexcom will supply. That keeps it snug. I’m not sure if that helps keep it working right or not, but it might help stop it from coming loose and then not working right?

But sometimes I snorkel 2-3 hours 2-3 times a week and it hasn’t affected it working right afterwards.I even restart mine.