Dexcom in Bosnia And Herzegovina?

Hello, I’m Ensar. I’m new to forum, and please don’t mind if I’m using it wrong. I’m trying my best to figure out where to post, but I hope moderators will take or at least inform me for future.

I’m coming from :bosnia_herzegovina: Bosnia And Herzegovina, and I’m just an high school student with one grandma with me. She have diabetes and I hate how her fingers are so bloody and in pain after being so much how to even call it used by the thing she uses, for scanning I forgot. :joy: Most of you all, know what I mean. I’m sorry, I never used to talk about it before.

I wanted to get her Dexcom G6, so she can use it as it would be automatic mostly and it could alert me, my mom or my dad in home or whenever about it, and we could help her. She doesn’t have insulin thankfully, but we want to make sure she is healthy and in proper care. She doesn’t know about tech, she can’t even get right to scan own blood but she is old.

My question is, how could I order right Dexcom or how, and from where… I live in Bosnia And Herzegovina, and I saw some people saying some models don’t work in other countries I’m very confused.

I’m looking for someone to help me out, and give me advices. I saw it’s expensive as hell, but I would try to earn enough money to buy her things for it, as I love her so much.

Thank you,


Welcome @Ensar to FUD! Your post is definitely in the correct place, so no worries there.

Honestly, the ability of the Dexcom to notify relatives and such using the Share function is great. We currently use that with my son. But considering the price, you may be better off cobbling a solution together using XDrip+ and the Libre. It would probably be quite cost effective in your geography.

If you want to continue down the Dexcom path, you may want to try and get some older Dex equipment than the G6 which will most likely be able to be more cost effective for you.

If your grandma isn’t using insulin, I am not sure how helpful the data will be. Yes it will reduce the finger pricks, but if you aren’t using insulin the learning might not be as helpful, unless your grandma is eating poorly, in which case seeing how high she goes on certain foods might help her manage her disease.

Another crazy thought, you can obtain some meters that use really little blood (like the Freestyle) and allow your grandma to stick her arm instead of her fingers. Another thought really.

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Welcome @Ensar! I was deployed there for a year of my life during Operation Joint Endeavor back in the mid 90s. Although it was war torn when I was there I could tell it was a beautiful country with amazing people.

I second what @Chris said in his post and we will be here to help you any way we can add you work toward getting the G6 (or whatever you decide on). You have a great heart to care for your relatives in this way!

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