Dexcom in Bosnia

Hi everyone,
Dexcom is not available to purchase in Bosnia. I live in the USA and I would like to get Dexcom for my relative. I am planning to bring them to US for a few weeks and go to a medical doctor in the USA. I am not sure if the device will actually work in Bosnia. I will set up the tracker with a US location. Anyone has any experience with this? Also I am not sure how it will work with customs when I ship the supplies over to them. It sucks so much that it is not available in all countries.

Thank you!


As long as you can recharge the receiver in Bosnia, I think you could get it to work there. But connection via phone or wifi might not, I don’t know how country specific they are.
You might also prefer US BG meter and strips to get corresponding readings when calibrations are used.

You might be able to load data to pc, to Clarity software, and keep history.

Not familiar with customs rules, but if only sending sensors and transmitter, I don’t think it would be a problem.

@Michel has done extensive travel out of US, and may have some suggestions.