Dexcom g7 newness frustration

Great over patch is Hypafix tape, hypoallergenic, pediatric friendly. Do not use alcohol, only soap and water. A liquid barrier I’ve used for decades is Skin-Prep (Brand Name) and it’s hypoallergenic, one version is for sensitive skin.


Also worth a shot! I have used the IV-Prep (same company, Smith & Nephew?) for years, so that’s promising.

Sorry to accidentally hijack this thread. :sweat_smile: I appreciate all of your suggestions!

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@RachelMaraii, we have been discussing barrier patches for years here: Rash under Dexcom G6 sensor - #4 by Randy

And the YouTube video on how to do it was posted in 2018. So you might well ask why you didn’t find the info on the Dexcom site. The 3M hydrocolloidal bandage works fine for me. Tegaderm breathes, so it lets gas from the adhesive through.


Thank you, Randy! :pray: I’ll take a deep dive into that thread – this is all very helpful. And that explains why the Tegaderm let me down!

Just put on my third sensor with a hydrocolloid bandage underneath. So far so good. :grin: Finally! :crossed_fingers: