Dexcom G6 Users (Setting Off Store Alarms)

Ok So I Recently Started The Dexcom G6 And Every Time I Would Walk In Or Out Of Any Store Their Alarms Go Off (No I Dont Steal :rofl:) I Was Wondering If This Has Happened To Any Other Users Or Know Why It Happens??

I have not experienced this or heard of others.

Do you carry G6 receiver or phone in a case with magnetic closure?

No At First I Thought There Was Something In My Bag But I Tried Walking Into A Walmart Without My Bag Or Reciever And Again The Alarm Went Off :neutral_face:

Welcome @Ferrivas96! That’s a bummer alarms are buzzing - the Dexcom’s alarms are plenty. :rofl: Even more must be frustrating for sure!

We’ve been using the G6 for quite some time with no problems shopping anywhere (USA, Canada, and EU).

Did you happen to get an item recently like a jacket or pair of shoes? Maybe something that has a small security tag that was forgotten?

I’m sorry this is happening. My suggestion would be to call Dexcom’s customer support and talk to them about it.

Good luck!


I Have A Love/Hate Relationship With Those Alarms :rofl: But I Usually Have All My Stuff In My Diaper Bag And Of Course I Thought Maybe Theres A Tag In There Or Something Small That I Forgot To Remove BUT I Went Through EVERY Inch Of My Diaper Bag And Found Absolutely NOTHING :neutral_face::weary: So I Tried A Little Experiment Where I Left Literally EVERYTHING In My Car And As Soon As I Walked Into The Store The Alarm Went Off :neutral_face:

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Try popping out the transmitter and then walk into the same store where the alarm had gone off and see if it does so again.

There are a lot of videos, but I can’t seem to locate the one that uses a test strip to remove the transmitter. Here’s one with another tool.

If it does, wait until it is time to change the sensor and before you put a sensor in, go back to the same store where the alarm went off and see if it goes off again.

Wow, this is a mystery - and one worth solving!


@Ferrivas96 I went ahead and updated your thread title so more folks on the web could find it if they used google for this problem, I hope that’s okay!

Also we departed a department store today, and an alarm went off! I made EH go through there three times to see if we could trigger it again (alone without our purchase, with our purchase and then with me). Couldn’t get it to alarm and he was wearing a G6 on his abdomen.

But I agree with @Tapestry that it’s a mystery I want solved! :thinking: :face_with_monocle:


I had a similar problem once. I kept setting off alams, for no known reason. Then one day, a greeter asked me if I had recently got new shoes? She took a want and sure enough! There was a trigger built into my shoe! She took the deactivator device, rant it over BOTH shoe soles… PRESTO! No more triggering of alarms. The alarm device was BUILT-INTO the shoe, not added on via a tag or anything, You could not remove it, but it deactivated just fine.

Ya never know!

JD aka Gome