Dexcom G6 transmitter "low battery" warning

I am on 98 days of use for my current G6 transmitter, so I wasn’t surprised when I received a low battery warning message on my Tandem t:slim x2 pump this AM when I inserted a new sensor. There was no estimate of days left with today’s warning. But 10 days earlier the warning message was “23 days remaining”.

My current plan is to hope the transmitter lasts another 10 days and to then switch over to the new transmitter which arrived about a month ago.

But I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask what other folks experience has been after receiving a Dexcom G6 transmitter “low battery” warning message. Did the transmitter make it 10 more days or did your transmitter die before that? Asking out of curiosity more than anything. :wink:

@irrational_John someone more knowledgeable than I will jump in, but I know that you cannot put a transmitter into a sensor when it doesn’t have battery life to get through 10 days of sensor life. It will just tell you you need a new transmitter. So you’re good! I believe the batteries are programmed to give either 110 or 112 days of active life.


A followup post just let folks know how it turned out.

Today I changed to a new sensor and transmitter. So I did get the full 10 days of usage for my transmitter even after receiving the “low battery” warning when I started using it at day 98.

Total usage time for this transmitter was 108 days. :relieved: