Dexcom G6 Sensor Error how long do you wait before calling?

How long do you wait before calling Dexcom when you get a Sensort Error? The Dexcom app says, “Temporary issue. Wat up to 3 hours.”

If you tap Help, it says contact support for more than 3 hours of Sensor Error.

That’s a long time to wait without a reading, esp right before bedtime.


I never used dexcom app, and never saw this message on receiver. Interesting !!


Yes, interesting! So it is just a mobile app issue with Dexcom.

I usually do not wait tge whole 3 hours. I’ll call Dexcom after an hour but they do ask when my last reading was.

Luckily last night the sensor started working again after about 30 minutes. Maybe the error is related to its expiration because today is its 10th day.

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I have never had a sensor error/failure that lasted for 3 hours continuously. Although I get them periodically - usually between day 7 and day 10 - they come in spurts. For example, the first one will last an hour, the second one 30 mins etc. Once the accumulated time reaches 3 hours, I call Dexcom for a replacement. To me there is no difference if the 3 hour lapse in readings occurs all at once or cummulatively (sp). Dexcom has no beef with this either.


Dexcom requires 3 hours of no signal to error.

The 3 hours wait time is because often if you drink some water or move the pump /Phone it will get the signal back.

After 3 hours it will fail and give you the message to remove it. It does give you more detail on phone app, but the reciever or x2 will show something similar. (- - - or the clock face)


Thanks for your additional comments, @Thardt3408. My iPhone will display the Sensor Error often after a big swing in BG. If it is due to the BG swing, then I wait up to an hour or so to see if it finally gets a reading, but for the duration, no additional info is provided by the app, only “Sensor Error … wait … 3 hours”! Not too helpful of a message, but maybe that is the best they can do.

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we have three type 1’s in family so I call in all bad sensors once every 6 weeks. if we called in each one I would be calling atleast a few times weekly. my kids have alot of 11 and 11c coded sensor failures, I get them as well. never had an issue getting replaced if fail prior to ten days. I do wait until the sensor failure comes up before I remove, which is anywhere between right away and like 4/5 hours.


I just called Dexcom for inaccurate readings. I’ve been having them all day for 10+ hours (some off by 80+ mg/dL!) and finally decided to call them. They will send out a replacement since I still have 4 days left on this bad sensor. The Dex rep said typical reasons for inaccurate readings are i) dehydration, ii) loose sensor, moves around, iii) insufficient fat where inserted, iv) laying on top of it causing compression low. So only possibility for me would be (i) or (iii), though the sensor was pretty accurate 'til today.

I also asked about pre-soaking. She said that the G6 should be accurate after the 2 hour warmup without pre-soaking. If not, calibrate it but if it continues to still be inaccurate after 3 hours then it probably means the sensor is bad. Also, do not over calibrate. Too many calibrations can cause it to be inaccurate.

The Dex rep also recommended that you wait 10-20 minutes before starting the new sensor after removing the old one, i.e., before tapping “Start Sensor” after inserting the transmitter. I never wait that long but will when I change this bad sensor and hope that improves its accuracy.

To submit a sensor issue (to get a sensor replacement) without calling fill out this form.


I was just about to fill out that form when I got a sensor value (after 1 hour 20 minutes). Happily, the reading concurs with the fingerstick I’d just done. Maybe hydration was an issue because the sensor got really wonky and then showed 99 down arrow…when my fingerstick (after 5 grams of carbs eaten a few minutes previously) came up 147. Go figure???

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Yes, @CatLady, that happens to me, too! Just when I’m about to call Dexcom after 1+ hrs of errors, I get a reading.

My current sensor has been a nightmare though. For the last couple of days it keeps giving me sensor errors of 1+ hours. Maybe it is due to hydration as you mentioned. I don’t feel dehydrated, but with the cooler weather I’m definitely drinking less water. And my Dr says my recent blood and urine tests show I’m dehydrated. I really have to make a conscious effort to drink more water!

I did end up filling out the Dexcom form yesterday to replace this sensor. I received an email this morning from Dexcom that they will be sending a new one so I will put a new one on today. This is the first time I used the “form” instead of calling. The form is much easier and time consuming than phoning them!


Just submitted the form with second “sensor error” for that sensor and changed it out, too. I really am NOT a fan of the G6! Hear me, Dexcom? :angry:

ETA: And a replacement sensor is on its way. I did not have this issue with the G5 (more reliable if not quite as accurate).

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Very frustrating! :frowning:

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I have rung the helpline a lot if times when I have had trouble and they answer quickly and talk you through what to do.