(Dexcom G6) Inconsistent data between paired phone and follow app

We recently upgraded from the G5 to the G6. Things have been going okay so far (loving the no calibration), but I’ve noticed something odd about how the data is sent from the mobile phone (paired with the transmitter) and how it’s read on the phones using the Follow App. The issues are: (i) even though the main device is properly getting data, it’s not sending to the follow app (connectivity is not an issue - both devices are getting both cell service and WiFi) … and (ii) when the data does get sent, it doesn’t “catch up” with the previously unsent data. The G5 would backfill missed datapoints – the G6 for some reasons doesn’t send that data to the follow app

[I have two screen shots, but I can’t post images apparently, as a newer user – annoying]

Anyone having such issues?!


I don’t know how many G6 users we have, most of us are holding off using up our backlog of G5 stuff, but hopefully someone will be along with an observation. I am very interested in all things G6, so keep the info coming.


@bloc8888, we don’t have the G6 yet, so I am not sure about the answer. Three remarks, though:

  • With the G5, the originating phone does not send to the follow phone. What happens is that the originating phone allows the follow phone to get a data subscription to its data stream. Independently of that, the originating phone sends its data to the Dexcom server. Once the following phone has a subscription, it gets data, asynchronously, from the server.

  • The G5 backfills when the originating phone is in a Signal Loss state, but not when the follow phone has no connectivity (or, at least, there are many scenarios when it does not)

  • I have read somewhere that Follow has a different technical solution in some way with G6 in one of the Dexcom posts—dont quite remember how though.

Hopefully, someone can enlighten us all w your question.


We just got the G6 and I’m having the exact same problem. Wondering if you ever figured it out??