Dexcom G6: how to stop calibration required alert?

Very slightly off topic (sorry) but when you guys ignore calibration requests, can you get the phone app to stop alerting you for it? I have the G6, but have tried restarting sensors, after which point it (usually) wants calibrations every 12 hours (or seemingly whenever it decides it’s been a while). But when I don’t want to calibrate right that minute, I can’t stand my phone buzzing at me every 5 minutes. Just hoping I missed something in the app and there’s a magic setting somewhere?

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Did you find an answer? I was kind of horrified to read your question: on my iPhone with a G5, when the Dexcom app wants a calibration it lights up the screen with a notification, but the notification is silent.

On the iPhone if I go to Settings > Notifications > Dexcom there is a switch to turn sounds on/off at least for the Dexcom app v1.7.8 Mine is set to ON even though my calibration notifications are silent…

@kpanda01, I was shocked too.

Maybe I’m missing something (totally possible). If I have the volume off to my phone, the alerts all vibrate instead. Other alerts for high, low, urgent low, etc. have settings for how and when to alert, but I can’t find calibration alert settings. When I have volume off, which is most of the time, it vibrates… but when it wants a calibration, I dont love it vibrating every 5 minutes.

I had saved the start up code for my current one, and after restarting it hasn’t required calibrations. This is only the 3rd one I’ve tried to restart, and the first time I re-used the code. Now that I know using the code works for a restart, hopefully required calibrations won’t be necessary. But just in case, it would be nice to be able to “snooze” them, or adjust their frequency somehow! If it’s in the app settings, I’m missing it.

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Sorry for being unclear, I meant the iPhone settings, not the Dexcom app settings. From the iPhone home screen, open this settings app:

In there go to Notifications > Dexcom

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Sorry, I’m probably not explaining myself well! In the iPhone settings, sounds are turned on. Which is fine, because sometimes I want sounds for low alerts and whatnot. The calibration alerts aren’t making a sound when the phone volume is off, but they are still vibrating. Maybe I’m asking for the moon here, but I would like to be able to customize the calibration alert to a pop up/banner alert with no sound and no vibration. (The frequent vibrations are distracting) Or maybe change the frequency of the reminder to every few hours instead of every 5 minutes. But again, if I can keep restarting with the code, it shouldn’t ask for calibrations at all… Knock on wood!

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