Dexcom G5 vs G6 - Poll

I know there are many people here who have made the switch, and many others who have not yet switched, for various reasons.

I am looking for feedback on the difference in accuracy between the G5 and G6.

I know the insertion of the G6 is easier. And I know the 10 day wear is good for some people, and not good for others. I know less calibrations required for the G6 is preferred by some people.

All conversation is welcome!

But for my purposes and for this poll, I am simply looking for people who have used BOTH the G5 and the G6, and I am looking ONLY for your evaluation of their accuracy. None of the other stuff really matters to me. :grinning: Accuracy is all I am looking for here in this poll!

Thanks for the feedback!

  • I have used both the G5 and the G6, and I find the overall accuracy of the G5 to be a little better.
  • I have used both the G5 and the G6, and I find the overall accuracy of the G5 to be much better.
  • I have used both the G5 and the G6, and I find the overall accuracy of the G6 to be a little better.
  • I have used both the G5 and the G6, and I find the overall accuracy of the G6 to be much better.
  • I have used both the G5 and the G6, and I find the overall accuracy of the two to be about the same.

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Any chance us non-voters can see the results? I don’t use a cgm, I’m just curious. So far I’ve been leaning towards the G5.

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Do you mean who voted which way? Or totals?

Right now the votes are 4, 3, 1, 0, 0 in order of G6 little better, G6 much better, G5 and G6 the same, and then G5 little or much both with zero.

I would open it up so it could be seen, but I don’t think I can once the poll has started.

@Chris might be able to edit it so it can be seen, I’m not sure.

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I think you have to vote to get the button which toggles between show/hide results. We can update after a bit more time with what the final totals look like. Nothing I can do to change the function of the poll. Unless we edit to include, I don’t have an opinion but I want to see the results.


I closed this poll so people could see the results.

I accidentally voted when I was putting together the poll. And once I had voted it did not let me remove my vote. Sorry about that!

Removing my accidental vote, here are the correct numbers. Thanks for the responses everyone!


My supplier told me the g5 is no longer being produced. A few hours after the g6 started it alerted to a low. Finger poke prove an error. The first time I notified Dexcom and they replaced it. My next one did the same thing and I ignored it. It corrected itself and I’ve had no further problems except it fell off once and I’m constantly retaping it. Be aware of this when you switch. I’ve used g5 a long time and never had this problem so it’s not user error. Good luck.

We are still using the G5 w/o issue. We are told they are not forcing people to switch and so far that’s been the case for us.

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@NanaKP it will be at least 2 to 3 years if not longer before the G5 is phased out as many people have a pump integration that needs to be supported, and not everyone’s insurance will allow the upgrade to the G6.


I have had so much problem with the G6 that I would have to say it’s less accurate for that reason. When the sensor fails (either intermittently or permanently) then there are periods when you are getting highly inaccurate readings.

I can’t switch from the G6 because it links with the Tandem pump. But I’m really looking forward to the G7!

@NanaKP - Your supplier is misinformed. I’m in Canada, where the G6 isn’t even available. I don’t believe the G6 has been approved for use by Health Canada yet. There is a plentiful supply of G4’s and G5’s.

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I heard Dexcom G6 starts distribution in Canada in September.

Find out if that is true or not soon enough …

I was reluctant to switch from the G5 as I thought it was very accurate.

But the G6 is even more accurate. Over the last three days I have done 6 pricks and the G6 (compare to Contour Next) was identical twice, 1 point off twice and 2 points of twice. Overall accuracy is in the 5-6% range on average. So glad I switched. Also hated the G5 insertion device.


That matches our experience. Glad it is working for you.

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My supplier said I can no longer get G5s so my next order will be G6s. In the event of problems with it, I still have an unexpired G5 transmitter and some sensors.


Per dexcom you should be able to get g4/G5 sensors through year end 2020. (US).

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G5 Sensors but not transmitters. Last G5 transmitters guaranteed availability is June 2020. Some vendors may have backstocked a few, but why really? They will likely code unused which equates to a loss in revenue. Some 3rd party vendors just dropship Dexcom supplies from Dexcom to their customers so there is little or no overhead with inventory - all JIT.