Running with OmniLoop

Yes, I don’t have a treadmill, but I’m super impressed w/ what I can do w/ the Apple, esp its user friendliness. Maybe it isn’t as accurate or has all the great features of a Garmin, but it is very easy to use. And if you ever start Looping, you can even Bolus from it, of course, the main trigger for buying it!!! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I’m definitely interested!!! Thank you for all your suggestions!! I checked out the Stryd, it’s about $200 or so. Does it stay on your shoe pretty well through snow and rain??

It stays on fine. It is water-resistant. Rain is fine. But you don’t want to use it running through puddles or going on a mud-run!

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Which size watch did you get?

I have seen two sizes. I want to be able to see it when running. How easy is it to see the bolus screen when running?

Also, does it give you a bolus confirmation? That is one thing I am leery of. Not knowing if the bolus worked.

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The larger size, 44mm. Very comfortable, and pretty easy to see due to the great contrast. A little hard to see time (real time) because it is in a small font when not on the default time watchface. Default has a large font time, so very easy to see. Easy to see BGs. I added Loop and Dexcom each as a Complication to the Infograph Modular watchface.

The Loop app is very easy to see all text. But I do still stop to do anything within Loop app on watch.

No, I don’t think is does give any confirmation that the bolus worked. When I bolused yesterday, I was leery, too, until I heard the clicks on the pod, but it took maybe 5 seconds before I heard it. I guess the Jojo-beeps doesn’t work from the watch. I would really like the beep confirmations on the watch, too! I wonder if that can be implemented, @dm61?? :slight_smile:

For me, the click sounds is just not usable when running. It would just not be loud enough!

So the beeps thing does not work when a watch delivers the bolus?!

The only thing I want to see is the bolus. I don’t even use Dex on most runs.

All I am looking for is a way to dial up a bolus and deliver it. I won’t use the watch for anything else!!

Considering all of that, would you recommend the bigger face or smaller? Can I see the bolus amount on a smaller one?

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Yes, I agree! I even stopped, and had to put my ear closer to the pod to confirm the click!

Sorry!!! I just did a test with a small bolus from the watch, and it DOES beep! Sorry for my previous statement. Probably yesterday I heard the beep but then I didn’t hear the click right away, so maybe that was why I was concerned. In any case, just now I heard the beep, and then immediately the click. So as long as you are attentive, the watch will give confirmation with Jojo-beeps!!! Please disregard my last tag to you, @dm61.

Bolus is very simple, and easy to see. I do check both Loop and Dex apps because sometimes the BGs are not insync. One may lag behind the other in getting updated from the phone.

I would still recommend the larger face even if you only use the bolus. The numbers are easy to see, but would be easier with the larger face while running.


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Thanks so much!

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Why aren’t you running with soft steps through wet grass, @Eric? I thought we were all running silently like ninjas! Did I get that wrong??


It isn’t really the running that would make it hard to hear, it is the music I am listening to!


And now this is awkward because I’ve been running with a cloth face mask and ninja stars…which, come to think of it, would make good alternative lancing devices.

…which is what? What does @Eric listen to when running? :thinking:

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It’s an eclectic mix. :grinning:

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Okay. I’ll go first.

I find Billy Joel to be the best running music so far.

Okay. Your turn!

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How about the Rollong Stones?? I saw them last night in NJ! FANTASTIC concert! Great to listen to ANYTIME, too :slight_smile:


A lot of one-hit wonders from the 70’s and 80’s.

A pretty big emphasis on soul, pop, and rock.

And a diverse collection of well-known artists - Barry White, Marvin Gaye, Donna Summer, Prince on one side, all the way to AC/DC, U2, Joan Jett, Loverboy, The Faces, John Cougar, and Yes on the other side.

A few I forgot. Paul McCartney and Wings, Abba, and ELO.

And some more recent stuff thrown in too.

And also Jackson Browne, Bob Segar, Kool and the Gang, and back over on the soul side, Bill Withers.

It would probably be easier to just say what is NOT on my list.


thanks for noticing :blush: i would just like to chime in and repeat how consistantly this takes place. as per eric, i set 3 different profiles in my pump (i use Medtronic, not OPod), so i can switch settings w/out having to set daily TBs. as the week progresses, and if i have been swimming every day, i have a gradual ISF and less Basal. also, anything i consume right after my swim, i need less than 50% of units of insulin than at any other time of my day/night.

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they’re still above ground?

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Ah, Eric… you are my musical “brother from another mother”!

A quick pop quiz for Eric’s students or anyone who wants to chime in: (no cheating by checking Google).

  • What nickname did Barry White give himself?? :smirk:
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I’ve heard this before!

But the answer should be sung…

Eager and eager, yeah
To feel your lips upon my face
Please her and please her
Any time or any place

I’m the walrus, walrus, walrus, the walrus of love, baby
I’m gonna need you, need you, need you every day
I’m gonna want you, want you, want you in every way

Yeah, give me something girl, for I’ll hold back knowin’
This time it looks like love is here to stay
As long as I shall live
I’ll give you all I have and all I have to give

'Cause please her and please her
Any time or any place
Eager and eager
To feel your sweet lips on my face

Deeper and deeper
In love with you I’m falling, yeah
Sweeter and sweeter
Your tender words of love keeps calling

I’m the walrus, walrus, walrus, the walrus of love, baby
I’m gonna need you, need you, need you every day
I’m gonna want you, want you, want you in every way


And he wins!!!