Daughter to meet with social worker at endo appt today!

My 12 yr old daughter has her endo appointment today. With all of her recent challenges, we are very hopeful to get some help with her pump settings. We are also interested in getting her some training and support as she takes on more of her care. I suggested that she take some time to meet with the social worker during her visit. She wasn’t sure what that was, so I explained that she is a counselor who can talk to her about how she’s been feeling about having diabetes. She agreed to give it a try. I hope they click and she will become a helpful resource for her. :heart:


That sounds good. If she wants to talk to someone that’s great. Hopefully it will be helpful.

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Most young teenage girls would do well to speak with a social worker.

The best of luck to her!

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I’m pleased that she’s willing to give it a try. She’s very private about her feelings. :slightly_smiling_face: