Dana R pump cannulas from other company

After half a year of battle with my insurance carrier I finally got my Dana R pump now!

I’m super excited to try it out and might start looping with AndroidAPS soon, if everything goes to plan. There’s just one thing that kind of bothers me: the Dana/SOOIL cannulas are crap. The steel ones rip out easily and the teflon ones stick out quite a bit from the skin.

I’d love to try cannulas from other companies but I’m not sure if they’ll fit the Dana pump. It does have a normal Luer-connector, but apparently in Korea the thread usually runs the other way than it does in the EU. I read somewhere that most Luer-cannulas work with the Dana anyway but unfortunately can’t find that source anymore.

Does anyone use the Dana pump or knows if cannulas will work that are not made by SOOIL?



would love the answer to these questions too.

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I have a Dana-RS and heavy issues with the Soft-Release-O infusion sets as those peal off my skin by far to easy compared with my previous Medtronic Quickset Teflon infusion sets.

The Dana pump itself has a male left thread luer lock which is the problem and causes trouble with most standard luer infusion sets.

On the other handside the Dana original infusion sets have am male luer which fits both, either left or right thread connections, luer locks on insulin pumps. Does that make sense?

I would like to replace the Dana infusion sets ASAP and switch to alternatives. Didn’t try or test any but if someone has an idea or verified the usage please let us know.

There was an adapter on a polish website I found but could not find a way to order…

Why is Dana so picky for infusion sets …

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Did you get anywhere with this adaptor? I’m curious as I’ll be getting my Dana RS soon and would love to continue using the Medtronic Mio sets.

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I just got an adapter printed via 3d from Germany (somewhere on Facebook Dana groups) but I have not tried it yet as I am currently using Orbitmicro with standard luer and I just adjust the luer a bit in order to fit into the Dana’s left luer. Works also for Medtronic Quickset… Just cut a piece of the infusion set’s thread and you will get it in… Locks pretty good, better than the Soft-O… So I have the replacements but won’t use those

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Great idea, thank you for the tip.

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@lucas, do you still use your pump? Could you give us a read on what you think if it?

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I am looking to get DanaRS pump for my daughter.
@lucas, can you please share your experience with the Dana pump?
@sanfran, we have been looking for Dana RS or Dana R pump for some time now however have not figured out how to get it in US. Can you please share how you got your pump and also your experience with it.
I am also curious if Medtronic Quickset worked for anyone using Dana pump by cutting off the infusion set’s thread.
Thank you all and have a blessed day!

I think it’s only available in other countries. For instance, it is available in the EU, Australia and a few other places (Korea being the obvious one). WE found it was not require to get a prescription in the EU and so we were considering going to Poland to get it, or having my husband’s aunt purchase it for us. But it was logistically complicated as she is a not-very-sophisticated older woman with limited English skills, and so my FIL had to do all this go-between translation and it was confusing, so we scrapped that plan. We use an older Medtronic pump to Loop with a RileyLink. Would love to scrap the RileyLink at some point and communicate directly between phone and pump, and would also love to be using an in-warranty pump, but neither of those considerations is important enough to make us seriously consider doing it.
If you’re really serious about it, I would try to find someone in one of the Looped or OpenAPS Facebook groups who lives in Europe, strike up a conversation with them and see if there’s a way to get them to procure it for you.
I do know that people get pump sets in the US

Thank you @TiaG for sharing your experience and suggestions. I will also start looking for a Loop compatible Medtronic pump while continuing my search for Dana R/S pump.