Alternative infusion sets with luer lock for Dana R or RS?

I have a Dana-RS and heavy issues with the Soft-Release-O infusion sets as those peal off my skin by far to easy compared with my previous Medtronic Quickset Teflon infusion sets.

The Dana pump itself has a male left thread luer lock which is the problem and causes trouble with most standard luer infusion sets.

On the other handside the Dana original infusion sets have am male luer which fits both, either left or right thread connections, luer locks on insulin pumps. Does that make sense?

I would like to replace the Dana infusion sets ASAP and switch to alternatives. Didn’t try or test any but if someone has an idea or verified the usage please let us know.

There was an adapter on a polish website I found but could not find a way to order…

Why is Dana so picky for infusion sets …

Not sure what you are looking for, but I have found a place that sells Luer lock adapters, if that is something that would help you.

I can hunt down the brochure and post it, if that’s what you need.

That would be great! Can you share the brochure

Here is their site:

Here are some pics of the brochure. I wasn’t even sure what pics to take. It’s about 500 pages.

Get yourself one for sure. This thing is huge, and has tons of stuff in it. You can build whatever you want with the things in here.



Hi All,
I’m new on this forum, but found it because this was the only thing on the internet I could find regarding a RH Luer adapter for the Dana R and RS pumps. After a totally fruitless online search I decided to make some as I run a CNC machining company. We have produced a small batch are making them available publicaly via ebay, to try to recoup a portion of the cost of making the adapters and to help fellow diabetics who want to use an alternative infusion set with the Dana pump.
We will post them world wide if anyone is interested. There are a limited quantity available initially, but we could possibly produce more if there is a demand. Search for ‘Dana RH luer’ on ebay if you are looking for one.


Hi Adam,

I’m interested in your RH Luer Adapter, but I don’t need the tightening/removal tools. As the shipping costs to Germany are very expensive via eBay (15 GBP) - could you make me an offer for the adapter alone with shipping by tracked letter post?

Thank you!
Sebastian (eMail: dana @ biotechs. de)

Hey Adam,

Are you planning to make more of these, tried the search on eBay but no luck…

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