COVID Vaccine resulting in increased insulin requirements?

Since Liam has become fully vaccinated I’ve noticed his old settings are not sufficient anymore. I know the vaccine directly interacts and alters the immune system to my understanding, at least to some extent, so perhaps this is normal but has anyone else experienced their insulin requirements increase once fully vaccinated? I’m fine-tuning them now to get them back to their old state, but he’s high longer now than he used to be pre-vaccine. Not ever lingering super high, but over 150 and under 230 when he’s higher. I’m finding patterns now and adjusting so hopefully we’ll be where we were before the shots, soon, but was just wondering if anyone else had noticed this.


I think Samson had some insulin use changes over the past few weeks, but they seem to have settled down. He was using less, then more, then less, then more, etc.
The tricky part is that it’s also coinciding with colder weather, the end of soccer season, a mild cold and Thanksgiving break, where our habits changed. So basically I couldn’t absolutely pinpoint the shots as being related.


I’m trying to go slow in my changes but we haven’t had drastic life-event changes in our house and no one has still yet gone out anywhere for activities, etc., so it’s hard to attribute the new changes I’m seeing to much anything else here.

We are probably one of only a handful of homes where we have literally been on lock-down since 2 March’s ago. :smiley: I was just so afraid of Liam contracting Covid…wasn’t worried about the others but was overly worried about Liam given his potential for more severe issues related to Covid if he were to contract it.


I am not type 1, but type 2 on MDI. When I got the 1st Moderna vaccination, i became mildly more insulin resistant, but not bad. The 2nd, was different. I felt bad for about 12 hours after, and it took much more bolus to reduce postprandial BGs. That lasted 5 or more days, finally going back to normal.

I haven’t gotten a booster yet.


im not ready to correlate it yet but i am requiring more insulin/carb lately since 3rd shot


It’s so hard to pinpoint an exact reason because so many things can affect it.

Like my TDD increases during Christmas time because our house is filled with more cookies and chocolate than normal. Plus eggnog. And people’s insulin requirements also tend to increase in colder weather. But I also had a 3rd injection in October. :man_shrugging:

So for me, it could be any of them, or a combination.

Since he’s growing, you would expect to see an increase over time. And they don’t necessarily happen at the same rate or in even increments. It could just be a growth spurt.


Yeah, I agree…I’m trying not to make any connections that aren’t verifiable so I’ve considered this just being a growth spurt…I really haven’t changed his settings for going on TWO YEARS now…so it really is time for upward trajectory in TDD. I’m just doing the same as I always do…there are “Storm Chasers” but I am a “pattern chaser”. lol. I don’t change settings until and unless I see the same thing happening for at least a week during the same timeframe and under the same conditions.


I had no changes occur after the first dose (Moderna). After the second dose (Phizer) within hours my sugars climbed into the 20s, then were in the teens and 20s for a few days, then I was hospitalized. I wasn’t in DKA, but was close. Was taking at least double my usual TDD, then about a week or two later was in DKA and hospitalized again. My Endo had to give me a new set of numbers, but it’s been 6 months now and I’m still not back down to what I originally took (although I’m close). I cannot “prove” anything, but within hours of getting the second dose and finally now getting back to normal? Things certainly seem related to me. I go for my 3rd shot (no idea what variety) early Jan. I’m quite nervous about it.


Interesting. This is what I was anticipating, but currently seeing the opposite. Ethan got his second dose a week ago, and his insulin requirements have been decreasing, Haven’t changed anything yet, but adjusting as we go based on current trends. I partially think he may have been in a growth spurt October/November because his insulin requirements had increased quite a bit for about 6-8 weeks. So whether this is vaccine related, or simply coming off a growth spurt, or even still fits of honeymooning for him, or a combo, I’m not sure. He hasn’t had any schedule change (starting or stopping a sport, etc) so I don’t feel that it’s lifestyle related. It’s a little unnerving because as a growing kid I would anticipate his needs to be increasing, overall, with time and growth. But, who knows, this may just be short term glitch.


Honeymoon is my best guess if you are seeing a decrease in requirements. Glad we all seem to be adjusting well!