COVID Booster

I get my 3rd COVID vaccine (booster) shot this afternoon. I have no clue what variety it will be. I had Moderna firstly (no noticeable side effects) and Phizer 2nd (several issues immediately following such as high blood sugars within hours of the shot which lasted months, DKA 2x, extreme fatigue etc.).

I’m going to keep my carbs quite low today and for the days following, so that I don’t throw more variables into the mix. I’m hoping there will not be any issues.


Good luck. Based on personal experience, your reaction may vary…

I’m T1 and didn’t have too many issues with my Moderna booster - a day of feeling not quite ok, but very minor, and no noticeable effect on BG.

My wife was in bed for a day; my son had a sore arm.

My daughter had already caught covid before the booster shot so her symptoms were co-mingled. (it made for a very quiet Christmas holiday…)

Happy new year everyone!


If the administration is in a private setting or if you can wear shorts where you live, I’d highly recommend getting your third shot in your thigh or buttocks. I had virtually no pain after administration in my thigh, whereas I had significant muscle aching both at the administration sites and throughout my body after shot #2. In some South American nations they routinely administer vaccines in either thigh or buttocks and (as those muscles are significantly larger?) they seem to provide less discomfort as injection sites. Be nice if more folks in US requested alternate sites so that the option would become standard.


Interesting! I don’t have that option. I have to drive through, and they come to the car and jab me in the arm LOL. I wish I had someone to drive me, but I don’t. Hopefully I’ll have no reactions, or if I do, I hope they don’t manifest until I get home!


I had 3x Pfizer – the first 2 I was down for the count for a good 36 hours, but the booster was easy peasy. I felt wiped out for maybe 12 hours, but not even so that I needed an extra nap or anything. A little twinge-y pain at the injection site, but nothing bad (keep swinging/moving your arm to keep your muscle moving so it doesn’t stiffen up during the hours after the shot). I was definitely slightly insulin resistant with the 3rd (much more so w/the first 2), but you’ll be on the lookout for that. Good luck! Jessica


Cool, good to know and thanks for the tip! I’ll share my experience later :slight_smile:

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Morning after the 3rd (booster) COVID vax. I have a sore arm, but no blood sugar issues. We’ll see how today goes! I had my choice BTW Phizer and Moderna and I chose Moderna.