Community guidelines

Our community is self-driven and self-managed by our own users. We all administer and moderate it. Someday you will be asked to take a turn at moderating the community. This is a clean, well-lit place for fighting diabetes. This community is yours and mine.


  • Be kind: be yourself, and be different – but be kind and supportive in the process. None of us plans to become non-diabetic anytime soon. So consider each interaction here a long-term one, based on trust and support, and moderate your own posts.

  • Assume good will always: text can suffer many misunderstandings. Always assume the poster had the best interests of all in mind. Appreciate and account for humor. Be constructive in reply! Consider using emojis in your own posts to reduce ambiguity.

  • Be accepting: our community has many cultures, languages, faiths, and nations. We are together in fighting diabetes. Don’t look for what separates us but what unifies us.

  • Be clean: many of our members are diagnosed in their childhood – they can join as early as 13. Others are past retirement age. Your content must be safe to read by all.

  • Be legal: only post what is rightfully yours in your name, and promote only legal activities. Respect the intellectual property of others: when referring to their material, use links and snippets.

  • Be relevant: ask questions that are relevant to the focus of our community. Reply specifically to the original question. Stay on topic. If you have a related question, start your own thread instead of hijacking another’s.

  • Be tidy: Start a thread in the appropriate category. Use tags for your topics.

  • Like and participate: if you appreciate someone’s post, LIKE it, rather than posting “+1” or “agreed.” If you know an answer to a question, reply to it – or comment on it if you can add value. Share and help!

  • Welcome newcomers, and encourage them to post and share their experiences and their problems.

  • Reach out if you feel alone or lost. Diabetes is a hard fight of every moment. This is one place where you can be sad if you need to, and share your feelings with others who have experienced the same.

  • Search before you ask: we have asked and answered many questions – probably yours too. So be sure to search first.

  • Flag a problem: if you see a post that is inconsistent with our mission, values, community guidelines, or terms of service, flag the poster by sending him/her a FLAG to let them know that they made a mistake. In case of a severe problem, FLAG a moderator. If you receive a FLAG from another user, you know what this means – please look at your post and make sure to correct it!


  • Belittle, bully, harass, humiliate, flame, defame, attack, or hold grudges. No personal attacks. Disagree only with kindness. This community will NOT tolerate behavior that might lead one of our members to become fearful of posting or withdraw from the community out of discomfort.

  • Be sarcastic, dismissive, discriminatory or negative. We welcome differences – our differences make us stronger. We don’t welcome hostility.

  • Be a troll, or feed a troll. Trolls create content designed to inflame tempers. Troll feeders argue with trolls. Don’t reply to a troll – instead, just FLAG a moderator.

  • Advertize, spam or promote any commercial activity.

  • Promote any illegal activity, including, among others, distributing drugs or equipment that require a prescription.

  • Make false or misleading representations, including about yourself.

  • Conduct research among our members without first obtaining approval from FUDiabetes, such as survey links, recruiting for biomedical research, or other.

  • Share personal information on public threads such as phone numbers or emails, without prior approval from FUDiabetes.

Now for the legal stuff :slight_smile: . We have the right to delete an account or content at any time for any reason. Enforcement of any rule may, at any time, be lax or draconian, at our whim. No content on this site may ever be construed or understood as medical advice, and you must consult your treating physician before making any change to your treatment. Read the TOS!

Don’t forget to check out our mission and our values!