Changing data/time and future data

Came back from a trip to Europe during which I have been changing the date/time manually over the last two weeks. The whole time my phone was either in airplane mode or using a SIM that I bought in Europe (which only worked in some of the countries we visited). The Sony Smartwatch 3 acted as the data collector syncing with XDrip on the phone over bluetooth. There were no problems pushing date/time forward as we went to Europe. Returned to Canada on Jun 12th and when I changed the date/time backwards the treatment units, carbs and notes were suddenly in the future. Made things look confusing as you could not differentiate current entries from the ones that used to be in the past but had now shifted into the future. As it was late evening and I could not deal with it at the airport and the rest of the trip home I ‘resolved’ the problem by keeping the correct time and setting the date forward one day. As the next day unfolded I did not enter any treatment data thinking that when I change back to the correct date there will be no treatment info which would again show up in the future. A few hours ago I changed the time zone and set the correct date and time to automatic. Everything appeared well at first. There was no future treatment info and the watch seemed to show glucose data although it had the annotation that the last data sync was from over 700 minutes ago. This turned out to be a replay of past data without any new readings. We were treating a high with insulin whereas our actual blood glucose was heading low. This was verified by measuring the glucose level with a test strip. I turned off the Android Wear Integration and did a factory reset on the smartwatch. XDrip on the phone started showing new glucose data while simultaneously showing the old glucose data as well as per the attached picture. ![Screenshot_20190613-184431_xDrip%20|243x500(upload://fwJS5ByNw7T5Jiuo9HUnWv92vE6.jpeg)

The top row of glucose data in yellow dots are the revealing of old data that is now in the future. The new row of glucose data in the red dots are the current level. We caught the low because my wife could sense it and we confirmed it with the manual test strip. Treating the low and the fact that we have 11 units of insulin on board by drinking juice and consuming carbs.

I do not know how to fix this and/or prevent it from occurring in the first place.
I would prefer not to uninstall and reinstall XDrip on the phone (Samsung S8) as I like having the history to look at. Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.


Can other people see the screen picture? When I look at the post I see textual reference to it but not the jpg itself.

Hi @bewell No, the photo does not show. Might try uploading again.

I don’t see the image.

I know the dexcom receiver (and Clarity download) tracks both internal time (GMT) and local time. Not sure if xDrip has similar 2 sets of time reference per data point.

Another try at displaying the screen picture (by dragging it into the text box)

Wow, that’s odd.

My guess is the local time is stored with data points, not UTC/GMT.