Carbs in Avocado?

EDIT: I deleted my previous comment since I was erroneously looking at fat not carb content. Still have no clue how to dose for Avocado, as this chart seems to list avocado in the fat section only as far as I can see so I’ll keep looking…

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my app says a full california hass avocado (7.2 oz) has 11.8 grams carb and 9.2 fiber (so about 2 - 3 net carbs) and about twice that for a florida avocade of 16 oz. i think your source has the wrong number


I added the link. I just “Googled” The Diabetic exchange list, because I recall it being the source I was supposed to use when I was first diagnosed. I have no clue about its accuracy, but was very surprised I thought avocados were like a freebie.

By counting carbs not net carbs, IDK how people ever eat keto. Like how??

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I only find the avocado on that list in the “fats” section and 1/8 has 5 grams of fat, not carbs

And the important thing to remember is that any source that lists carbs and fiber is just an average, food being a natural product will vary from one to the other depending upon growing conditions, ripeness, season etc. Also important to note is that avocados do have a high amount of fat which will likely slow down the absorption of the carbs but each individual will metabolize said carbs, sugars, fibers, differently, so even with numbers that you trust it is always going to be a trial and error … as they say “individual results may vary” :wink:


Well aren’t I a big dumb dumb. Thank you! In my defense I’m battling a huge headache today…


hope your head improves…meanwhile I think guacamole is now in my future if I can find something low carb to put it on


SugarMate quotes it at 10% carbs, of the mass you eat, myfitnesspal says 19%. It’s a crap shoot because it is a fruit; available carbs (hu, “nett” carbs) depend on whole long it has been stewing waiting for some herbivore (preferably) or omnivore (last resort) to come along and EAT it.

You are the designated omnivore, but you are the finest net carb measurement device on the planet; bolus, correct, recalculate and hope the damned fruit has the same net carbs the next time.


My scale shows 150g of avocado has 3.2g net carbs.


It’s dangerous because outside of the US the carbs reported on food labels are digestible carbs. For example, from this document:


  1. ‘carbohydrate’ means any carbohydrate which is metabolised by humans, and includes polyols;

(so the polyol inclusion might be a problem for us), then:

  1. ‘fibre’ means carbohydrate polymers with three or more monomeric units, which are neither digested nor absorbed in the human small intestine and belong to the following categories:

— edible carbohydrate polymers naturally occurring in the food as consumed,

— edible carbohydrate polymers which have been obtained from food raw material by physical, enzymatic or chemical means and which have a beneficial physiological effect demonstrated by generally accepted scientific evidence,

— edible synthetic carbohydrate polymers which have a beneficial physiological effect demonstrated by generally accepted scientific evidence,

So the EU regulations require the label to quote digestible carbs independently of fibre. Then this wikipedia article:

Gives numbers which apparently match the text for the EU definition of carbs and fibre, however the “nutritional” block to the right gloms the US “dietary fiber[sic]” into the “Carbohydrates” section. So the “Carbohydrates” of 8.53% by weight does not, so far as I can see, include the “dietary fiber” of 6.7% by weight.

SugarMate reports a 75g avacado at 6g with 5g fiber[sic]; 8% for the carbohydrate figure (well below the wikipedia number) and 6 2/3% for fiber[sic].

What seems to be going on is that the sources are mixing-n-matching US and EU numbers. This is, to say the least, extremely dangerous, particularly as the US numbers are rounded (or maybe even truncated) to integers - note the lower precision on the fiber[sic] number from the wikipedia page.


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Avocado/Guac tastes great on eggs in the morning, cucumbers make a nice chip, and of course if you can afford some carbs, the carb balance tortilla’s turn into pretty good oven chips. Mmmm Guac!


FWIW, I don’t bolus for half a small avocado. :yum: