Can I make diluted insulin myself? Info on diluted insulin turning cloudy?

Hey there,

I would like to know if anyone has any experience with diluting insulin themselves?

Are there any special procedures or tests that need to be performed?

How long can I use it for if I am able to do it myself?

The reason I’m asking this is so far since my son was diagnosed in June, I have to drive a 4 hour round trip to the hospital to pick up a new diluted vial from the hospitals compound pharmacy.

This wasn’t so bad as the vials are supposed to last 28 days after being ‘tested’ (unsure what they test it for?), however the last three ‘28 day’ vials they have given me have all turned cloudy within 7-14 days and each time they tell me to go back and get another one.

At this point I am on the third diluted vial in 14 days and it too has turned cloudy now.

I have asked for answers as to why the diluted vials are turning cloudy and I have no response from them.

Maybe it’s normal for diluted insulin to turn cloudy? No one i’ve spoke to can answer this either.

It is Humalog U-100 that is being diluted to 1:10, making it U-10, as far as I can tell this is supposed to be clear and stay clear, not turn cloudy.

Anyone out there with any help on the diluted insulin in general or with experience with insulins turning cloudy, specifically diluted, would be greatly appreciated.



There are quite a few posts you should be able to locate if you search for the word “diluent”. Maybe you can find what you are looking for and if not, I know someone will be helping fill in the gaps. Good luck in your search!


Hi @Hopper900,
You can get the diluent from Lilly. You need a prescription and they will send it to either your pharmacy or your doctor, and then you can pick it up from them. Once you have the diluent, it’s very easy to do yourself.

(I got a script for a bunch of it, so I wouldn’t have to make a lot of trips. I would advise doing the same if you can.)

My diluted insulin never turns cloudy.

What’s your dilution amount? I mean, what percentage are you diluting it?

Also, what type of insulin are you diluting?


As far as getting the diluent, I would suggest you do this.

Take this form, fill it out all the way with everything completely filled out except for the “Signature of Health Care Provider” line. Highlight that line. For number of vials, put in 50 (the max amount). That will last you for a very long time.

By filling it out completely yourself, you leave nothing for the doctor to do wrong or not exactly what you want. And when a form is completely filled out and the signature line is highlighted, that presents itself as you knowing exactly what you are doing.

You can even get a RN to sign it. They are usually pretty easy.

Or even your normal pediatrician, if you explain that it’s just easier to be able to do it this way and save yourself trips.

And if you have this form printed out and filled out, really it does not matter how many times you fail to get a signature, because all your really need is one valid signature from a prescriber, and then you are all set. You can ask 10 doctors and only get 1 signature, and that’s fine. All you need is one!


I tried searching for my answers first, but did not find them!

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Thanks for the reply.

At this point I am not diluting it myself, the compound pharmacy at the hospital is.

They are using Humalog U-100 and diluted it down to U-10, 1:10 its original strength.

Okay, thanks for the form, I will fill that out and try get it signed.

I actually just got off the phone with someone from Eli Lilly Canada, she just informed that there is a diluent shortage at the moment, and they have stopped shipping out diluent on August 10th. They don’t expect to be re-stocked for about 2-3 months from now!

She told me to check with my hospital compound pharmacy, as they may be diluting the insulin with something other than Lilly diluent, due to the shortage, that is causing it to turn cloudy.


Do you need some?

I have some that is past the expiration date. But it still works fine. I used it just the other day with no problems.

There really is no true expiration on it. They just have to put an expiration date on it because of industry requirements.

Anyway, I can send you a few unopened vials if you need it. Doing it yourself is pretty simple.


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Hi @Hopper900,
I am going to write very detailed and very safe instructions for how to make your own diluted vials. Step-by-step, with an emphasis on safety.

Can you tell me - are you using an insulin pen to put the insulin into the diluted vial, or will you be using a syringe and taking the insulin from an insulin vial?


Thanks that would be awesome!

I will be using a syringe to take the insulin from an insulin vial.

Your stuff is on the way. It is expected to be there on Tuesday.

I am sorry I could not get it there sooner. There was a huge price difference for overnight. Like I could’ve gone to Canada and brought it there myself. And a pretty big price difference just between Monday and Tuesday. Like about $100 for that one day! The other thing is customs, I am not sure how much that delays it.

Anyway, in the meantime, get some U-100 insulin syringes that are 1ml.

I know you have the smaller ones, like the 3/10 ml syringes. But the bigger syringes will be much easier to use for mixing, because you can put 90 units into that one, and 10 units into your smaller syringe, and then when you mix it, you’d have 10%.

Let me know when you get the syringes, and I will write-up very detailed mixing instructions.

Remember, get syringes that are U-100 and 1ml. The needle gauge and length does not matter, since you are only using these for mixing.


Thank you Eric, all good, my current vial expires on the 12th of september so next tuesday is perfectly fine!

Okay I will stop by my pharmacy tonight and grab some larger syringes.

Thanks again, you’ve been a huge help!


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Thanks guys!


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