Byram Health care is awful - any advice on how to switch? Dexcom can't ship directly to me

Byram Healthcare is Awful: I am doing everything I can to not have to use Byram Healthcare ever! They do NOT care about their patients at all. They follow their own practices/polices rather than the standard and they make it a point to NOT COMMUNICATE. I placed a re-order on April 15th - I placed it well in advance so I would not run out of supplies. I received a call on Monday May 20th saying my doctor had not completed the script. If there was a script needed, it should have been requested on APRIL 15th I ran out of supplies 2 weeks ago. I just checked and it STILL shows order in progress rather than shipped. My doctor confirmed she had already completed the script. Their response? “you placed your re-order too early” (by 2 weeks) and it’s up to ME to make sure the script is up to date. I placed the order early so that they could reach out to get the script up to date if it wasn’t! Scripts are valid for 11 1/2 months according to Byram - but mine somehow expired in 7 months. They had a BS answer for everything. Terrible company to deal with. I’ve heard horror stories about dealing with them. I should have made efforts earlier to switch.


Sure, all of the third party companies have issues similar to this from time to time. No way to avoid it really. But if you would like to switch, you will need to reach out to your insurer and see if they allow you to work with other third parties, some allow a large number and some limit it. We can’t really guess what your insurance will allow. For what it is worth we have been having a good run of luck with Edgepark recently, but I don’t expect it to last.

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Thank you :slight_smile: … I will reach out to my insurance company, I think in a state of frustration I did not think to do that. I’ll also call Edgepark and see if they work with my insurance. Dealing with Dexcom directly was always hassle free… I also deal with Omnipod directly and no issues ever. But 3 orders with Byram and each time one issue worse than the previous.

Sorry to hear. I have used Byram for the last 4-5 years, with minimal problems. For reorders, I just go online to select/submt order, and they contact dr as needed if RX has expired. Then I get shipping email confirmation.

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Our typical order looks like this. Keep track of re-order windows using a spreadsheet. The first day we are allowed, place the order. Wait two days, call the supplier to see if they have everything. Usually, follows with a call to the physician to redeliver the Dexcom script. We only ever have issues with these. Wait two days, if not shipped call supplier again. It really sucks but works.


I refuse to let the physicians office give scripts to anyone but ME!

  1. I want to see the script and make sure there are no errors. The physician’s office may not know or care about the difference between Tagaderm 1624w and Tagaderm 9945hp, and how frequently it is used, but I DO! And the same is true for all my supplies!
  2. I will email a copy of the Rx myself. That way when I hear “it was never received,” I can say what address it was sent to and when. If someone insists on a fax, then I explain it’s 2019 and I prefer to deal with companies that have a modicum of touch with technology, and find someone else.
  3. I get all new prescriptions every time I go to the doctor. I could decide tomorrow that Byram, or X supplier, just ripped out my last nerve and I going elswhere. I have gotten some hassle about that from the doctor’s office (and note that I said OFFICE, not the actual DOCTOR) but I simply ask them to justify their reluctance. ‘All my supplies are PRN. Are you concerned I am using too many? Do you really think if I was using 15 bottles of insulin a month from various pharmacies, the bean counters at the insurance company would just pay for it?’
  4. Prescriptions VERY RARELY go directly online from a physician’s office to the final supplier. Electronic prescriptions travel through clearing houses in the middle. While my physician’s office may be reputable and careful with my information, it doesn’t mean the clearing house is.
  5. I have learned that if I can find a pharmacy that’s in network with insurance for both drugs and DME IT IS HEAVEN ON EARTH! Even a chain pharmacy, vs a mom and pop, usually recognizes the dollars I as a customer bring through the business, AND therefore recognizes the value of keeping me a happy and returning customer.

I just use the same pharmacy for ALL of my prescriptions. I see the doctor every six months and since he handles all of my prescriptions, he writes for everything at each appointment–for 1 year. Insulin, needles, test strips, HBP meds, anti cholesterimics, heart meds, everything.

He electronically sends it to Costco and they text me the next day that everything is ready. Never had a problem.

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I absolutely hate Byram Health Care. They screw up my order every time–requiring a long string of calls pretty much every time. Unfortunately they are the only provider my insurance will cover so I’m stuck with them. And we wonder why our health care system is so bad…