Hey all,

I’ve been in burnout mode after doing my best in years for two consecutive A1C’s, which I owe to the Tandem pump with Control-IQ technology and Ozempic. However, after my last Endo appointment, where I submitted new paperwork to try and have Ozempic covered, and was again denied, had some new health issues, financial strain and continuous stress in my personal relationship, I hit a low mood that has been near impossible to shake. During this time I started phototherapy for another autoimmune condition, Vitiligo, and the emotional, time and financial toll this has taken on me (3x per week driving far (gas pricing) to appointments, making up the missed work time in a very demanding role, and resurfacing the emotional trauma I’ve experienced living with this condition (hurtful comments from past relationships, people staring at me, feelings of low self worth), I was diagnosed with moderate Scoliosis and calcifications in my shoulder, both of which explain pain I didn’t know the causes for and require expensive physical therapy and RMT and finally I was diagnosed with a genetic disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. I also have inflamed sinuses 24/7 and sometimes it is so bad that I have post nasal drip that triggers a gag reflex all day, and every single night.

Today I decided to “try” again. I’m having my water with electrolytes and a protein shake. I brought a healthy lunch (homemade vegetable and beef stew and a yogurt with berries). I’m looking forward to RMT after work, then will do my Scoliosis exercises and work on my paper (oh yeah, I’m also doing my Masters Degree). Then finally I can go to sleep, the best part of every day of my life lately.

If anyone has any tips besides what I’m already trying: exercise, hydration, eating healthy, sleeping (albeit, I can only do this with the help of Zopiclone), please let me know. I feel I am barely keeping my head above water and cry most days, but I still do go to work and school every day, maintain being there for my relationships, am professional at work and stick to commitments.


I’m sorry to hear you are going through so much trauma right now. I don’t have any advice but I applaud your tenacity to stick with your exercise and healthy diet. These two have both helped me over the years with my health issues.


This sounds cliche but I’ve always lived minute to minute and hour to hour and made the best decisions I could as I go along, to be happy. I try not to let stress get me down and just let go of things I have no control over (for instance, worrying about things that we have no control over the outcome…what will be will be.)

I could be overwhelmed if I allowed myself to be but I just take it day by day and let go of what I did today, tomorrow.

Sorry I can’t be more help with your specific issues. Sending you warm and positive thoughts.


Hi @jo_jo,
I am very sorry about your troubles. :frowning_face:

I am not sure if this would help with your case, but inversion can sometimes be a very useful thing that can help with spine issues. It is very simple, you just hang upside down at an angle for a few minutes at a time. It helps relieve pressure on the bones and connecting joints along your whole body.

You can get a very nice inversion board for about $140. This is the one I got:

Please feel free to vent here if you need to. We all support you!


@jo_jo First, I’m sorry for what you’re going through; I’m dealing with T1 and some kidney issues, nothing comparable to your description! So, I don’t have THE answer for you. Second, I do have sympathy and empathy for the mindset. I’m pretty sure most of us T1s go through some of the mindset you describe…I know I do…Why me? Why now? How long? Are you kidding me?

Some of us turn to exercise for an outlet, others turn to a hobby, some use this and other groups as a cathartic process of helping ourselves and others. My take is a bit of all of the above…and I’m not unknown to voice it out, act out, and get it over with and not in the nicest of forms. It’s the only way for me to hopefully NOT end up languishing in the frustration and self-pity. You obviously had an outlet that worked for a while, you need to find what it was that worked and start it up again or find a new one; sounds like you changed to bottling it up inside at some point and that will just come to a head as it has now. You have all of our support and empathy, please try the suggestions of others here, but only you can find the outlet(s) that work best for you… Good thoughts are headed your way! Please, let us know what you find that works for you…let us know so we may also benefit from your approach!


Thanks so much everyone, I appreciate all of your replies, support and understanding. My mood has lifted slightly from the super low of the other day. I will keep trucking!

@TomH totally related to the “are you kidding me?” feelings!

@Eric I will look into the inversion chair! I have to do a lot of hanging type exercises for my spine, but the aggravate my shoulder, so it’s like choosing one pain over the other! Perhaps this is a good alternative.

@ClaudnDaye living min/hour/day to min/hour/day is important to remember when things feel out of control, thanks for reminding me of that re-centering practice.

@Trying <3

Thanks again, FUDiabetes family!


@jo_jo Glad your spirits are somewhat lifted and at something I said struck home! (I think the “are you kidding me” is my fav as well! It seems to pop up more often than anything else!) We’ll all hold good thoughts the good thoughts expand, you can “re-center,” and find your way through the cloud! Hang in there and we’ll all try to do the same! Let us know how you’re doing, sometimes just saying the words “I need some help…” are releaving in themselves!


Or just venting and knowing there are lots of ears and shoulders in the community.


@jo_jo You have a lot to deal with right now! Give yourself a break. Wallow if you must, scream into a forest if there’s one around. Personally, I put on aggro music and bake or prep veggies, sometimes crying the whole time. If I have new blisters/calluses on my hands from chopping, I’ve most likely have a bad day/week/month. Doing this brings me to a simpler point in my past. If I don’t let it all out, it seeps into everything else.
My point is, please find ANYTHING that reminds you that you are a real person beyond your physical ailments. You’ll drag yourself through this phase in your own time, but I’m certain that you WILL.


Screaming in a forest sounds very cathartic lol. I might try that one <3


Ahhh….how about my closet? …the stairs? …the kitchen? First, there’s the convenience factor…plus, I don’t want to disturb the deer…the bears…the squirrels…not to mention the poor birds!!!


@TomH Scream anywhere you would like, if it helps, although I’d stay away from crowded places. :upside_down_face:


@Mariethm Appreciate the suggestion…some people just don’t understand…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It is, I’ve done it, but screaming is cathartic anywhere :slight_smile: Forests in the western US are a particularly good place because of the Cougars. People who don’t live here are confused and concerned that someone is being hurt when they here the noise, they perform this useful function of covering up for the rest of us (the Cougars, not the people.)


Don’t forget about the Sasquatches as well.