Looking for a good vitamin supplement


An looking for a good suppliment to take to assist with helping me get goining again
Wil list issues I want help with above and beyond dsups. Will list items I want to start with. Fatigue, ballance, mussel pain /weakness , memory pronlems. Massacre stomach issurd.

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Hi, @T1john. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s quite a list. How’s recovery going? And how’s the pup??

I don’t know anything about supplements, but I’d be happy to see if I can find some information. You’re talking about just a vitamin supplement, right? Not sure what else it would be. :thinking:

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Wow, was thinking of asking that last night, apparently I did and apparently it was after taking my nightly drugs, have a hard time figuring out what I was saying. But yes supplements. Used to take one formulated for diabeties. Go to endo this wensday will add to list.

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I do that with my sleep posts, @T1john. :grin: I hope you’re not leaving the house after you take your meds, yeah?

Will your endo be able to recommend a good supplement for you?



No don’t leave house after taking meds at night. Don’t take sleep and pain meds daily, only as needed. Don’t drink or anything they put me out! Have awoke in hospital from family takimg me there from where i was so bad after taking them. Was told i was abusing them becuase i only take as needed not the prescribed 3/4 times a day. So my dock added as needed on scripts, that was 3 years ago and state still monitors my narco use. A 90 pill supply for 3 times a day as needed will last me months.
Will have see what supplements my endo will recommend.



Did you see your endo yet?



Yes I did, AIC is 6.2! The cde did not recommend a supplement, was told to improve diet, exercise and let’s take car of medical issues first. Then they will run blood work and look for deficiencies. Docs are scared because of
my using warafin for DVT and heart.
Hope all is well your way.

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All is well my way, @T1john, thank you. :heart:

A thousand congratulations on that a1c!! That is AMAZING!! So whenever you’re ready, I’ve got my notebook. I’m working hard to keep under a 6, but I have no idea if i’m still there. I’d like some tips. :smiley:

How are you feeling??