Vitamin supplements : yes or no, what do you take?

i have been taking probiotices for years now. recently, my endo as well as my PCP recommended that i take vitamin D. well when i started adding the d, i figured why not take C and B complex.

i know that the probiotic helps me a lot; its helped my GP significantly as well as i am certain other tummy problems with digestion. now when i started taking the vitamin D, i noticed that my mood was lifted, so i decided to take it twice a day; if one is good than 2 must be better :wink: (no problems with that.) but i wonder about the other vitamins. do they actually help, or am i wasting my money?

anyone out there that has an opinion or a take on this matter? would love to hear it.


@daisymae Didn’t your PCP prescribe 50,000 unit vitamin D when he recommended supplement? These are taken once per week, and should not be doubled up or taken more often. The OTC Vit D is almost like shooting blanks.

Doc, i’ve been taking only 5000, not 50,000. maybe my PCP told me to take the 50,000 and i made a mistake. i have been taking the 5.000 every day twice a day.

should i be increasing my dosage IYHO ?

@daisymae The 50,000 unit capsule is prescription only, you can’t get it OTC. If you truly have a Vit D deficiency, which is very common these days, then you should be taking the 50,000 unit cap once a week.

Ask your PCP to include Vit D analysis on your next labs.

Our son was borderline low on vitamin D (a common thing with people who have T1D) , so he takes an 800 i.u. vitamin D3 everyday. Other than that he takes fiber gummies.

will do that. i don’t think that he made the recommendation based on any lab work; i think that he simply thought Vitamin D would be a good supplement for me to be on.

do you take any other supplements?

@daisymae No supplements. I’m more into whole food. Probiotics are covered with a daily cup of yogurt (currently Skyr plain 6g carbs). I eat a lot of vegetables and nuts, and treat lows (which happens four or five times per week) with o.j. (sometimes donuts :smile:)

I think that phytonutrients are probably more beneficial than vitamin supplements, unless there is a confirmed vitamin deficiency.

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[quote=“TiaG, post:5, topic:1456”]
so he takes an 800 i.u.

this is exactly what i am doing. have you heard from your doc that your son should be taking a higher dosage like docslotnick takes?

Well, he’s a toddler so I’m guessing te dose he needs would be smaller than for an adult. But no, I actually had trouble finding 800 i.u. in a palatable form and was just giving him a 1000 i.u. gummy every 1.25 days and the doctor said that was too much.

So definitely not a huge dose like @docslotnick described.

i have pretty much the same diet. i eat a lot of fish, lean chicken, turkey and tons of yummy veggies and nuts. lots of nuts :blush: .

but the probiotics have deff helped me tremendously with the GP. i havent yet figured out how to bolus for yogurt yet ( still trying) as i respond to it in a very peculiar way. sometimes i dont think it is worth trying to figure it out, but i love plain 2% Trader Joe’s Greek yogurt so much i just think i need to do a dual bolus to eat it without a later-on spike.

@daisymae If you like plain yogurt give Icelandic Provisions Skyr or Stonyfield whole milk plain yogurt a try. High protein, low carbs (6g). They are incomparable. Yum.

i love stoneyfield whole milk fat, also love brown cow w/ cream on top

Brown Cow is absolutely the best!

When I practiced in California my office was just down the block from the Brown Cow main office and I had several patients from there. They would regularly gift me with a case of yogurt. That was before insulin resistance set in and the 26-32g of carbs didn’t phase me.

I would love some of their plain cream on top yogurt but I can’t seem to find it here in Texas. :sob:

no doubt about it :sunny: . have you tried ordering from NYC? we have it practically everywhere on the east coast :wink:

If I weren’t watching carbs, I’d go back to eating Noosa some of the time—the yogurt itself is lovely, and the fruit with it makes it like a dessert. That said, if you substitute it as a dessert, then that reframe makes the carb count seem not that bad, ha. I’m not huge into the pumpkin everything come fall (especially fake pumpkin pie-flavoring), but their pumpkin flavor is like thick cream swirled with pumpkin pie filling, and it’s amazing…

(Waiting for my cousin to pick me up to go get breakfast and omg so hungry now.)

first off, i dont like the fruit flavored yogurt. i like it strait. but pumpkin flavored, OMG, that sounds super delicious.i love pumpkin anything :blush:

this wasnt meant to start out this way, but this thread is now all about yogurt !!! :blush:

Great source of probiotics. So it’s right on topic.

great point.

I believe I’ve shared this in another thread…My favorite “dessert” is plain Icelandic full fat yogurt (Siggi’s is my go to right now) with a Tablespoon of warm Trader Joe’s organic Peanut Butter mixed into it (I prefer the no salt, no sugar version). :peanuts:

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