Health burnout

This has been a rough week health-wise.

Diabetes (crazy blood sugars with off-the-charts readings both high and low, transmitter battery dying), allergies (two new food allergies confirmed, going back to weekly allergy shots, just feeling crappy in general), other (blood pressure still high even on medication so was prescribed a second, fell badly twice within four days).

And tonight was the final straw. I took out a very sore and irritated infusion set after just one day. The last couple have lasted just one day and have been very irritated upon removal.

I really did not feel like putting in another infusion set. I knew it would hurt and just get itchy and sore within a day.

So I just took some Lantus to get a break from the pump for the weekend. (I knew I kept some Lantus and a pen around for a reason!)

Hopefully the break will help and I’ll be recovering from my burnout by Monday…

I occasionally take a break. Sometimes if my pod is expiring very late at night, it’s easier to take a basal injection and just do the pod change the next day.

I know you spend time with Tresiba. Have you ever tried Levemir?

I like Levemir because the duration is much more predictable. It is dose-dependent. At my dose, the duration is only 12-14 hours. That makes it much more flexible for variations in basal needs. Like if you need more in the evening, you can take a bigger dose at night and it is finished soon enough to not interfere with your daytime basal amount. And for hormonal fluctuations, the same thing - you can quickly ramp your basal up or down.

Maybe worth looking into if you haven’t already tried it.

BTW, my dose amount of Levemir lasts 12-14 hours, but it depends on what you’re taking. Bigger doses of Levemir last longer than 12-14 hours. Smaller doses last a shorter time. I posted this on FUD at some point a while ago. I can dig up the reference if you want it.

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Nope. I think it would actually be the best-suited insulin for me (either for pump breaks or basal), but I have a ton of Lantus and Tresiba here I feel like I’d have to use up first. Next time I ask for a prescription for basal insulin from my endo (which will be in a year or so), it’ll be Levemir.

Can you get a sample to try from your endo?

I really like being able to take more at night and less in the morning, and knowing when the duration ends. Good stuff!

Ha, I could have, but I just saw him this week and don’t see him again until the fall. :slight_smile:

Eric’s Diabetic Fridge Pharmacy has surplus vials of everything.

Brand new unopened vials of Levemir are available if you want to try one.


Thank you for the offer! I’m always nervous sending prescription items across the border, so I will decline. But thank you. :slight_smile: I have enough Lantus and Tresiba here to last quite a while, and I expect I will only be using it for short periods like this weekend’s burnout (although I have thought about using an untethered approach with my pump to avoid super highs when infusion sets konk out, which they do regularly for me).

I’m so sorry for the rough week. Health burnout is so difficult, because there’s no REAL break options. I’ve been in a burnout rut for…well, longer than I care to think about at the moment. Good for you trying to find ways to take a break, even if from just one thing at a time! I hope it helps.


I hope you recover from your burnout, too. Not an easy thing to do.

My BG has been high all morning, but I did just make an 8:30 run to Whole Foods so that I can do a bunch of baking and cooking today and get stocked up with low-carb foods. I think that’s a lot of what burns me out, the fact that I have to make 100% of my food from scratch, and when I do eat processed food (like I did this week) I feel horrible. My mistake last week was not doing food preparation on the weekend, so hoping I can avoid that issue this time around (but it does take a LOT of work!).



When you get a chance take a look at the dose-dependent duration of Levemir.

You’re in Canada – you can see him whenever you want! (Within reason, and wanting a new prescription is certainly within reason.) I know we’re in different provinces, but it should work the same.


It was the first and best basal I’ve tried, not sure why it isn’t talked about as much as Lantus!


I have been 10+ all day so I’m going to hook my pump back up tonight. Clearly I didn’t take enough Lantus (my total basal on my pump is currently 34 units, so I took 35 units of Lantus), and I’m not planning on sticking with it long enough that it’s worth fiddling with the dose.

In other news, I cooked chicken wings in my air fryer today (first thing I’ve tried cooking). I got the temperatures mixed up at first (because I can’t read the dial) so it took three tries to cook them, but once they finally did cook, they were great!