Build a bear has an insulin pump accessory!

i figured this would be fun to share. while looking at the build a bear website i came across an insulin pump accessory.

there it is! i bought it. they also have hearing aids which i wear so i bought those too. they have one for wheelchair, etc. so i thought why not have the insulin pump set and the hearing aid set to put on my bear. i have the perfect bear too. when i passed the cna state license exam i got a bear with scrubs on. so since i wore scrubs on a daily basis, i was on the pump too. isnt it cool that they have it???


Nice! I’d love to see one with a CGM on it’s upper arm and an Omnipod on it’s leg (maybe he’s sporting a pair of shorts.) Super cute!

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Very cute! Looks like it’s modelled after the Medtronic 530G to me.

Although I do think their design for the lancing device is a little… interesting :thinking:

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As soon as FRC build season is done, I will have my son model these and 3D print a few for you. Standard size bear fine?

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I was just thinking out loud mostly about “custom parts” the company could offer…the standard Medtronic isn’t for everyone. Liam wouldn’t have any idea what the pump on the belt was. He would also laugh pretty loud about the size of that lancet coming out of that lancing device…“don’t poke me with that, papa!”. We don’t have one of those bears at all.

But if we buy one, I would love it if you would make Liam those two things! Thanks for the offer!

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i squeed when i saw it. the belt is a bit strange but how else are you going to get it on the bear :D. the lancing device is interesting too…it looks like something from the set i got for my bear. almost like a themometer or something lol

I know they can’t sell it this way because of safety concerns, but if I was making one, I would attach a thick bent needle on the back, that way you can rotate the sites and it would be even more realistic. However, velcro would probably be safer and look better than that belt.

true…but yeah there is that safety concern. im sure ill like it on my bear :slight_smile:


I think it kinda looks like a genteel …maybe