Bleeding at pod insertion site

Hi, all—I ended up having to change my pod in the middle of the night (was not absorbing insulin, it turns out). :worried: My breakfast bolus from the new pump worked in a typical fashion but the lunch bolus did not and I spiked! :flushed: I was at friend’s house and didn’t have Afrezza with me so I took a 15 minute brisk walk and got the spike leveled out. When I got home, my husband inspected the pump window and observed a little blood at the base of the cannula. Is it best to change it out again? Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.


I get blood around the cannula, in the window, or in the cannula fairly often.

If your next few hours don’t behave like you’d expect them to, I would change it.

Sometimes my best performing pods look the worst. And some of my pods that look great fail (like today, randomly, got the beep of death on day 2).

Good luck!


There was more blood and the next meal bolus only sort of worked so I did change it. Much better results! :smiley_cat:


Sorry, dude! I hate it when that happens one right on top of another like that!


At least I got more sleep! :sleeping:


We would change it out. For what it’s worth, we often have site failures – like so often we’re considering switching – and we often see blood on the cannula when we do the changeout.