BG control after COVID?

I’m 21 days since my positive test for COVID, and I’m still having some unexpected BG highs. Some are after meal highs with some steeper than usual peaks, and others are gradual increases over a longer period. Just different patterns than I’m used to.

My COVID symptoms are mostly gone, but I’m still tired and not 100% back to normal. Could these BGs still be COVID related?

Anybody else?


Probably best to ask someone in the med community, but given the long term symptoms some people have/had it doesn’t seem out of the realm of possibility. Theres such a diversity of symptoms…


My brother and my DIL both felt tired and brain foggy for 3-4 weeks after their other symptoms resolved. :slightly_frowning_face:

ETA: Both were vaccinated and boosted, too.


I have had 3 vaccinations, and tested positive 19 days ago (tested negative 4-5 days ago–can’t remember which). I still have COVID symptoms, but I have sinus inflammation which makes me have constant headaches, post nasal drip, etc. and so it makes it hard to tell if my cold-like symptoms are lingering from COVID or are from my sinus situation. I definitely feel the brain fog, like I get an email reply that doesn’t make sense, then I re-read what I sent and realized THAT is what didn’t make sense/I go for a walk and forget my purse (and therefore glucose)/etc. (things that are NOT like me at all…). My high BG’s have sorted themselves out, in fact almost overnight one night and then it was low after low until things normalized. I’m tired all the time, but I’ve been so for over a year now. The last year (and almost right after I got my 2nd vaccine, which was Phizer) I have had issue after issue. The Doctor’s say it is unrelated, but it was less than 24HRS after my Phizer vax that my BG’s went out of control for months, I ended up having DKA 2x, I developed sinus inflammation out of nowhere followed by the most stubborn sinus infection, I developed a knee injury after a run and shoulder injury with no cause that are to this day so sore even though NOTHING shows on an Xray or Ultrasound, and I developed CONSTANT headaches and nausea. Like literally every week a few days a week I’m nauseous from morning till late afternoon. The doctors have done so many tests and always come back with nothing, do not entertain my saying it is since Phizer (even though a bunch of nurses in the ER told me to only get Moderna, which I did for the other 2 and had no issues) and pretty much say it’s because I’m 40 now and things will start to hurt and decline. WHAT, OVERNIGHT??? It’s SO beyond frustrating. I’m a non-smoker, non-drinker, non-drug user who is very active. My diet swings from perfection to ■■■■, but lately I’ve even got that under control. It sucks.

But ya, as for your actual question, I’m still feeling the effects.