Beta bionics I let pump

Good morning all, i am curious if anyone is on the ilet pump yet and there impressions of it, and any opinions of this product. It is now covered as a Pharmacy benefit under my Medicaid plan. I was ready to make the switch back to a tubed pump, but, yesterday i watched a really good video comparing 4 pumps, Medtronic’, T slim, omnipod 5 and the ilet. It was very informative and some shortcomings were discussed.
I can add link if anyone is interested, the Doctor interviewed basically favored the t-slim. Okay i went and got link.( , it’s a Diabetech video link.


Greetings, new here no photo or info posted yet. I was looking at the Beta Bionics pump but decided to wait. Every pump I have used I have had to suspend insulin at times & the Beta Bionics currently has no suspend feature. You have to disconnect. I will look for the review I read that helped me decide to wait & post a little later.

Cheers, Sobe


Yes that was a big problem, no activity mode either, so you have to just disconnect and remember/reconnect at the proper time. It was also designed as a “artificial pancreas” but of course it is only a insulin pump at this time so even beta bionics states you have to be mindfull of going low at which point you have to disconnect and or eat.

But i must add, if it will control highs as well as it claims i may try and deal with watching out for lows, after all the Dexcom will alert me when going low and can set alarm for where i want to be notified, and the lack of extended boluses may be problem for me, i have stomach issues and when my system decides to process the food i eat is a crap shot, so to say, and though its not insurmountable you can only log the three standard meals, i tend to do 4 meals, and there is no way to inter snacks except logging a small meal.


Yes the Beta is a little scary see this review about Bernard Farrell needing to have paramedic intervention:

Bernard Farrell review Beta Bonics Pump

Also got this announcement this morning which I feel is great progress about putting the brakes on with glucagon:

Xeris Agreement with Beta Bionics

Bernard Farrell also mention SugarPixel in his review which I have gotten one & found it to be a great help because of my hearing loss.

Hope this is helpful to all!

Cheers, Sobe


I have looked at the sugarpixel but like the Glowcose, have actuall been looking for this.
But have not found info yet.

My vision is a bit dim but the photo looks a lot like my Sugarpixel:

Shows trends same as Dexcom

Finger push shows time

This has been great for me does not wake my wife when I check BG & time. Many other settings that are helpful.

Edit: Sorry to go off topic on your pump thread probably should have created a new thread :confounded:


What is this??? I have to look at my small phone during the night to see Liam’s BGs so something like this would be nice!


The Sugarpexil has been great for me. I think it would be a great device for Liam, My heart goes out to Liam & you. I was diagnosed at the age of 2. Great things are coming about :smiley:


It is similar to the sugarpixel, i went to there website to see if this is bigger version, but its not made by them it seams. Eventually i will find manufacturer.

I will certainly keep a look out for it & will let you know if I find it. Just to let you know I did make a thread for Sugarpixel & other alert devises.

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That’s cool, I have looked into them but lean more toward the glowcose light, don’t have to try and read something from across the room. This one I am looking for is much bigger.

It’s all good. I do like the glowcose light but for me I want to see my BG tending & all. My vision is not getting any better so that may come into play later. I did play with the Pixel display & was able to make the numbers pretty large. I could see it easy from the other side of the room 25 ft away. Probably could see from further. Hope this helps.

Cheers :smiley: