Basqsimi (new nasal glucagon)

What do you guys think, time to replace all our old glucagon emergency kits and load up on these?
I said in another post about not wanting to take glucagon for just a normal low i guess i didn’t understand they were hitting the market here soon with a full replacement for current emergency kits. I can see this being a big improvement for family friends to easily just spray something in your nose versus the horse needle and tablet mixture routine in a stressful situation.

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For those who don’t know what Baqsimi is, it’s the new nasal glucagon developed by Eli Lilly. Recently it got FDA approval.
I don’t know if I’m going to switch to this. I would like to know more about the final product.


I probably will try to switch to this for my emergency kit. Whenever I try to train friends or roommates on how to use a regular Glucagon kit they give me this wild-eyed panicked look and I think from an ease of use perspective Baqsimi would be a big improvement. I’m also sure that if I were trying to self-administer, the nasal spray would be a lot easier to manage while experiencing a deep low.

I’ve not had glucagon administered to me in like 10 years so I’m not overly concerned about potential side effects Baqsimi may have, the fact that it works well enough as a glucagon emergency kit to get FDA approval is pretty much good enough for me :stuck_out_tongue:


i am totally embarrassed to admit this, but in all of my 30+ yearsof being D, i have NEVER learned how to use the glocagon. therefore, my husband has no idea of how to use it either. my “glucagon” has always been apple juice. however, i have been pushed by my endo to get some training from my CDE. we have set up an appointment to see her. and obviously, if my BG is so low that i need to use it, i am not likely to be able to administer it to myself.

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You are not the only one who should be trained on it, DM. Bobby needs to go with you and get the training too. He is probably the one that would give you the glucagon.

Maybe the only time you would give it to yourself is if you are throwing up and can’t keep any sugar down, and you are dropping but haven’t crashed extremely low yet.

And just take 1/4 to 1/2 of it!!

Trust me on that, do not take the whole syringe.


this is exactly what you told me earlier. of course Bobby is coming with me. he’s nervous as hell (he’s never even given me one injection in all of our years together.)

yup. i remember. you told me that if i took the whole syringe i would end up with a BG of 400 :rofl:


Yep, that is the one time I “almost” used it on myself. I could not keep anything down just kept vomiting. Finally I was able to keep a banana down and that saved me :slight_smile: :banana:

I wonder if this new nasal spray glucagon would also have a short expiration date?

We had never used it either.

So we convinced an adult relative (non-diabetic) to let us try it on them. It was much easier than the directions would lead one to believe. We mixed it up, injected 15 units and saw a 75 point BG rise in about 15 minutes.

We were kind of like, “Oh. Is that all there is to it?”

It sounded way more complicated then it turned out to be. But we had no idea until we actually tried it for ourselves.


this is REALLY good to know. now we just have to find a non-D friend to experiment on :wink:

A look at the product packaging and a demo of how to use Baqsimi, plus some interesting Q&A with a rep - apparently it’s already available in pharmacies, and they have a special offer going for back-to-school season


Thanks! That’s a great video!

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